One For the Road

Rust N' Rage

RUST N' RAGE released their debut album for Frontiers Records earlier this year, overall, their […]
By Sarah Tijan
May 31, 2022
Rust N' Rage - One For the Road album cover

RUST N' RAGE released their debut album for Frontiers Records earlier this year, overall, their third full length release. Founded in 2010, releasing albums in 2013 and 2017, the band has quite the following already with their previous releases. One For The Road adds to their repertoire and builds their street cred even more.

Right out of the gate RUST N' RAGE breaks out with strong melodic guitar riffs and a scream meant for the sunset strip, binging the album to life like a roaring fire, the track doesn't back down, full of hard-hitting guitar and lyrics that are catchy and raw "Prisoner" takes on the album full force and full of electricity.

The title track is a true rock anthem, one to be involved in, sing along to, and feel at any live show. "One For The Road" is a vocally driven upbeat salute to all those that spend that extra time with the band a salute to fans and to those who give it their all, filled with a solid beat and a fun catchy chorus, it's a track that should be heard in arenas around the world, with fans joining in.

"Heartbreaker" starts out a calm sound and goes full force after a few words are sang, with a darker sound to the guitar and more growl to the voice of Vince, the track keeps flowing with the beat of the drum and heavy riffs, catchy and full of melodic sound. This track takes the band higher in the stance that they are meant to be in the melodic rock sound, and have what it takes, making a name for themselves worldwide.

If there was a need for a description for a track that red-raw, fast, and heavy with the swagger to back it up "I've Had Enough" is the one. Oozing with the sleaze sound from the guitar, the dirty riffs and loud bass, add in the screaming strong vocals, and lyrics that keep your head banging, this track is the complete package when it comes to a Finish Glam band, as I would classify RUST N' RAGE with a bit of melodic rock mixed in for good measure.

"Moving On" is a great example of RUST N' RAGE forging their own path while adding in some of their predecessor's influences, with a guitar solo right off the bat, more 80's grit to the vocals and lyrics,  and a chorus that involves the whole band, making it a staple sound of the 80's but with today's sound and todays talent, its yet another feather in the hat of the band, the mission is clear, to bring us the rock music we want, how they want to bring it to us, catching lyrics and heavy beats, making it melodic yet sleazy filled with charisma and promise.

Throughout "One For The Road" RUST N' RAGE take you on a ride through rock and roll. It's an album of fun rock and roll meant to be played loud and one that easily could be heard out by the lake or out at the campground with all your friends, at a local festival, but most of all the album is one that encourages you to tap your toes, bang your head and enjoy the music. Filled with catchy lyrics and driven heavily by guitar, it's no surprise that RUST N' RAGE have made a name for themselves, prior to their current album, they have earned their rightful spot in rock and roll and have a bright future bringing rock and roll to the masses as it was meant to be heard.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"One For the Road" Track-listing:

1. Prisoner
2. Ghost Town
3. One For The Road
4. The Future Is For The Strong
5. Heartbreaker
6. Hang 'Em High
7. Ride On
8. I've Had Enough
9. Unbreakable
10. The Throne
11. Moving On

Rust N' Rage Lineup:

Vince - Vocals
Johnny - Guitar
Eddy - Bass
Jezzie - Drums

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