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Another Frontiers Records project, collaboration brings together two legends of hard rock Jack Russell of […]
April 21, 2024

Another Frontiers Records project, collaboration brings together two legends of hard rock Jack Russell of Great White and Tracii Guns of LA Guns. Jack Russell's first time recording in a studio since the 2017 album “He Saw It Comin” under the name Jack Russell's Great White with which he still tours. With multi million album sales between them in the eighties and nineties Jack Russell with Great White debut “Once Bitten” in 1987 and “Twice Shy” in 1989 which sold 8 million copies worldwide. Tracii Guns who formed LA Guns in 1983 who merged into Hollywood Rose laying the foundations for the legends that is Guns N' Roses. After departing the band ,reuniting with Girl singer Phil Lewis to reform LA Guns.14 albums later and also many projects including Contraband, Sun Bomb and most recently Social Disorder.

I am always a bit apprehensive when it comes to collaborations ,projects or “super groups”. I have said this before in previous reviews I have done, same old questions did they all record together in the studio or separately? Have they ever actually met? Will they ever play together live or tour? If they played live would they gel as a proper band or will big egos or personalities clash? “Medusa” starts off with a great opener “Next In Line” a great upbeat rocking track which has cool rhythm ,swagger, cool solo, great vocals. “Tell Me Why” is a foot stomping and fun track whilst “Coming Down” is more a LA Guns sounding its more sleazy Jack Russell sounds really at home again. Other stand out tracks on the album “Give Me The Night”, ”Back In You Arms Again” and “In And Out Of Love” are more melodic, stadium and arena style tracks with Jack Russell sounding really good vocally, with Tracii Guns on fine form with great solos and crunchy riffs .The title track “Medusa” doesn't really jump out at me not really a strong track considering its the title track of the album. ”For You”, ”Where I Belong” and “Living A Lie” are just mediocre tracks that just fill in the gaps between the better tracks which with future listening will just be skipped or missed.

Medusa” is just an average album. The song writing and lyrics are very predictable and cliche. Some of the songs are either hit or miss which is a shame. This is not the best Tracii Guns has produced. On the other hand Jack Russell is back in fine form vocally its good to hear him on an album again, musically the album is good but half of the tracks lack the quality and memorability like some of their past music. It will also be interesting to see if this project is a one off ,or at some point they will hit the road and tour.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Medusa" Track-listing:

1. Next In Line

2. Tell Me Why

3. Coming Down

4. Where I Belong

5. For You

6. Give Me The Night

7. Living A Lie

8. In And Out Of Love

9. Medusa

10. Back In Your Arms Again

11. I Want You

Russell Guns Lineup:

Jack Russell – Vocals

Tracii Guns – Lead Guitar

Johnny Martin – Bass

Shane Fitzgibbon – Drums

Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards

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