The Brotherhood

Running Wild

Ahoy there lads and lasses! Beware of the mighty pirate Band.... Nice way to start […]
By Fotis Giakob
February 18, 2002
Running Wild - The Brotherhood album cover

Ahoy there lads and lasses! Beware of the mighty pirate Band.... Nice way to start an article don't you think? Well the band that keeps us rocking to their powerful tunes are Running Wild of course and are here again after two years with a brand new studio album. 'The Brotherhood' is its title and dominating as always is its music.
I believe that it would be a sacrilege to try and 'dig in' the album and comment on the music. They are a milestone after all. Their music has it's own character unchanged throughout all these years. Powerful, electrifying, numbing, mighty...
Their tunes does not much any other and they have written their own chapter in Heavy Metal history with their lyrics taking form from a long past era of pirates and pirate-hunters. (Yes Mr. Chief-Editor I know that it is not a classics review, but.... ok ok.... I am sorry.... I will jump to the review....)
Ahem.... Where was I? Ah yes.... 'The Brotherhood' IS Running Wild in rhythm and attitude. One could believe that these guys have a magic wand that produces great music but the truth is that with Rock 'n 'Rolf as a leader one cannot fail.
From the new album the tunes that in my opinion stand apart with their thundering riffs or their melody are Welcome To Hell, The Brotherhood, Siberian Winter, Pirate Song and The Ghosts which brings to one's mind the 'Port Royal' era. This does not mean that the rest are not good, quite the opposite, the 'wild' breath is in them too.
If I was to indulge myself into commenting their musical skills or for that matter their music it would be like trying to turn a river upside down. Their music is something solid, not pretty changed thoughout the years but perfected in rhythm and melody. As a well used cutlass (if we are to remember the pirates favored weapon) they are still more than able to pound us with powerful riffs, bass and drums with the voice of Rock 'n' Rolf intriguing as ever.
Running Wild prove once more that they know how to write and perform pure, high 'n mighty, heavy metal. Hope they will continue to do so....

8 / 10


"The Brotherhood" Track-listing:

Welcome To Hell
The Brotherhood
Siberian Winter
Pirate Song
Dr. Horror
The Ghost

Running Wild Lineup:

Rock'n'Rolf (vocals, lead & rhythm guitar)
Peter Pichel (bass)
Bernd Aufermann (lead guitar)
Matthias Liebetruth (drums)

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