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Running Wild

Overview In the mid-80s, the golden age of Heavy Metal, the German pioneers of Pirate […]
May 7, 2022
Running Wild - Ready For Boarding (Reissue) album cover


In the mid-80s, the golden age of Heavy Metal, the German pioneers of Pirate Metal, yet being fairly into the classics and the speeding type, RUNNING WILD, were on the rise. The band's third album, "Under Jolly Roger", and I do remember that it is meant to play loud for the cannons to pierce one's ears, started something massive. The supporting tour for "Under Jolly Roger" became a memento, with the special recording of the show in Munich, November, 1987, and was titled "Ready For Boarding". It is hard to deny Rolf Kasparek's war cry once the "Under Jolly Roger" song ends, therefore, it wouldn't be forgotten.

The "Ready For Boarding" original copy was released in 1988, right before the band introduced the mighty "Port Royal" to the world. Being out of print for many years, signaled by many that it needed a comeback, and there you are. However, this time around, BMG wanted something bigger.

And we go back to history, in short. RUNNING WILD's tokens of great Metal as "Port Royal" and "Death Or Glory" became totems of Heavy Metal. The supporting tour for "Death Or Glory", which was named "Death Or Glory Tour", harbored stellar performances of the band's classics along with outtakes from the latest two albums mentioned. One of the shows, recorded in 1989 in Dusseldorf, was filmed and released originally in VHS. It was titled "Death Or Glory Tour - Live", and it was originally released by Noise Records in 1990.

Let's say that BMG didn't waste the opportunity to make it a special occasion out of the late 80s live performances of RUNNING WILD...

The Pros

Turning "Ready For Boarding" into a live package of RUNNING WILD was a great idea, a combination that is well deserved, and like food for the fans, and not just die-harders. Two spectacular shows, devouring the band's classic songs, crossing five albums, is a major treat. One for the ears, and one for both ears and vision.

The packaging of "Ready For Boarding" is well made, including two CDs (For the CD version), one for the live audio of "Ready For Boarding" and the second, the VHS, now DVD, of the "Death Or Glory Tour - Live". Within the fine Digipack, which flies the flag of the original "Ready For Boarding", there is a short booklet, and for a moment there I thought that it would be only photos and pictures.

Apparently, I was wrong. Along with footage from shows, and show flyers, each song of the "Ready For Boarding" show had a paragraph of notes and explanations about the essence, and meaning of the songs. I have to admit, quite refreshing, and it really opened my eyes on some of the band's oldest tracks.

The quality, both of the audio of the live audio of "Ready For Boarding", and the video for the DVD, are simply superb. Barry Gint, at Alchemy Studios had a good go with remastering the "Ready For Boarding" show, top notch work. As for the video, the quality of the image and the sound received fine treatment, in particular the actual image that really enhanced the evidence of the band's performance back in those days.

The Cons

I mentioned the good idea of combing the two live shows together, and that it was. I can understand that the forefront of this reissue is "Ready For Boarding". However, the DVD is no less important and therefore I believe that it should have gotten a little more recognition other than the tracklist and credits for each song.


The "Ready For Boarding" double CD experience is high valued live take, letting the RUNNING WILD vibe of the late 80s sink deep under the skin. Whether the band's powerful sound of the audio or stage performance on video, the German Pirates sure knew how to take a part a venue and blast with Heavy Metal at its best. This double CD treat is a must for any Metal fan.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Ready For Boarding (Reissue)" Track-listing:

"Ready For Boarding" - 1987
1. Hymn of Long John Silver
2. Under Jolly Roger
3. Genghis Khan
4. Raise Your Fist
5. Purgatory
6. Mordor
7. Diabolic Force
8. Raw Ride
9. Adrian S.O.S.
10. Prisoner of Our Time

"Death Or Glory Tour - Live" - 1989
1. Intro
2. Riding the Storm
3. Bad to the Bone
4. Raw Ride
5. Raging Fire
6. Tortuga Bay
7. Uaschitschun
8. Bass Solo
9. Conquistadores
10. Prisoners of Our Time

Running Wild Lineup:

Rock 'n' Rolf - Vocals / Guitars
Jens Becker - Bass
Majk Moti - Guitars
Stefan Schwarzmann - Drums ("Ready For Boarding")
Iain Finlay - Drums ("Death Or Glory Tour - Live")

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