Valley Of The Snake

Ruby The Hatchet

So today folks, we have something that's pretty groovy, mellow, and is guaranteed to send […]
By Michael Coyle
February 19, 2015
Ruby The Hatchet - Valley Of The Snake album cover

So today folks, we have something that's pretty groovy, mellow, and is guaranteed to send you on a trip of exploration; we have for you the people, the latest RUBY THE HATCHET record, "Valley of The Snake".

So lets start this one off with the record's second track, "Vast Acid". From the very start, this track already prepares us for a long drive down the road of self-exploration with some of the most chilled out riffs you will hear all year. It has this very strong groove that just makes you wanna jam along to it and see where it takes you, especially when it comes to the vivid guitar lines of Johnny Scarbs and the beautiful, yet mystifying voice of vocalist Jillian Taylor, bringing in the hypnotic, yet incredible mental imagery this song comes with. I feel that this is a song that you can really relax to while just letting the times go by and letting the sky sing along to the brilliance that this song really has brought, and especially with me, this has to be one of the most chilled grooves I have ever listened to. It has a little bit for everyone; a bit of Doom, a bit of psychedelic, and a whole lot of different sounds and inspirations, which I felt, could include DEEP PURPLE, HAWKWIND and so many more, ladies and gentlemen. But even still, I have to say this has to be my personal favorite off of this release, just because it really is a solid piece that just takes you places you never knew possible.

The next track I've put down next is the records fifth track, "Demons". From the very start it starts off with some fast riffs that lead into a nice mellow mix of drums and bass bringing in the vocalist Jillian Taylor to sooth the listener into a nice relaxed state of mind and bringing in the sweet sounds of electric bliss that this band has already come to accomplish with this record. What I feel this track brings to the listener is that it has a very powerful feeling to it, which gives me so much to say, but so little to think on just because I wanna focus on every section of what this song brings to the playing field. To me, that is the true idea of what a song like this is all about. It is a very serious song in some way just because it hits you straight on with the first part.

To conclude. This has been a joy to review just because it is the type of record you wanna drive down a highway to in the blazing heat, the kind of record you play when you have a goal on your mind and your ready to take hold and make it yours. Just by far a musical masterpiece.<

10 / 10


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"Valley Of The Snake" Track-listing:

1. Heavy Blanket
2. Vast Acid
3. Tomorrow Never Comes
4. The Unholy Behemoth
5. Demons
6. Valley of the Snake

Ruby The Hatchet Lineup:

Johnny Scarbs - Guitars
Jillian Taylor - Vocals
Owen Stewart - Drums
Mike Parise - Bass

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