Tales from Outer Space


RPWL is a Progressive Rock band based out of Munich, Germany, and founded in 1997. […]
February 22, 2019
RPWL - Tales from Outer Space album cover

RPWL is a Progressive Rock band based out of Munich, Germany, and founded in 1997. They have released sixteen albums since then, becoming one of the staples in the genre. "Tales from Outer Space" is their latest offering, and contains seven new tracks. Following a fairly light entrance, the main riff rolls in, heavy and dark. It has mellow sound in the realm of RIVERSIDE. The chorus pushes some melodies into the light, for a fairly despondent sound overall. For Progressive Rock is has a fairly linear and easy to follow approach. "Welcome to the Freak Show" opens with what sounds like light applause from underneath a circus tent. The music is tentative, tender and charming, with crystal clear vocals, and a note of despondence.

"Light of the World" is the longest song on the album, at just over ten minutes. A guitar solo leads into the main riff. They build some hope into the song in the chorus, which is pretty melancholic overall. A slow and easy listening guitar solo accompanies the journey along a sad and doleful melody line, in the vein of PINK FLOYD. "Not our Place to be" opens with some tense strings that build upwards and become the main riff. There is a bouncy cadence to the track that uses a lot of major chords to keep it mostly bright and cheerful. "What I Really Need" opens with a jovial riff and that feel-good notion that brushes over you like a cool breeze on a warm summer day. It's a very simple melody but so effective of making you feel good. Following the second chorus, the lead guitar notes follow the melody line so perfectly, while keys dance in soft featherbed that would welcome you weariness.

"Give Birth to the Sun" has a much softer sound, with just enough presence to keep it moving along. It has a dreamy quality that is in juxtaposition with the previous track. There is a hazy darkness here that just hangs, barely visible. The keys sound like they are coming from outer space, speaking of the title of the album Like Gilmour, Wallner knows how much to press his leads and how much to hold them back, applying just the right amount. "Far Away from the Sun" closes the album; the shortest song on the album. It opens with what sounds like crickets in a summer evening when you experience something out of body-like. Piano and tender vocals come in soon after. The sound is pensive, even in the chorus, leaving you feeling emotionally drained.

Overall, it's a bit of a typical album for the guys, with a few nice surprises, oozing with that cool melancholy feeling that washes everything away in deep colors of blue. They still produce top quality music even after a long and storied career, it's enough to stimulate your senses and chill you out after a stressful day.

8 / 10









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"Tales from Outer Space" Track-listing:

1. A New World
2. Welcome to the Freak Show
3. Light of the World
4. Not our Place to be
5 What I Really Need
6. Give Birth to the Sun
7. Far Away from Here

RPWL Lineup:

Yogi Lang - Vocals, Keyboards
Kalle Wallner - Guitars
Markus Jehle - Keyboards
Marc Turiaux - Drums

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