Crime Scene


From their record label's website, "RPWL have now been an inherent part of the global […]
February 21, 2023
RPWL - Crime Scene album cover

From their record label's website, "RPWL have now been an inherent part of the global Art Rock scene and indispensable part of the live music cycle for more than twenty years. Initially founded as a PINK FLOYD cover band in 1997, RPWL have since then successively developed into Germany's foremost Art Rock act. In addition to a dozen releases and multiple chart successes RPWL have not only played innumerable enthusiastically received live shows in Germany, France, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands or Belgium. Furthermore, the band has also delighted fans in countries like the United States, Canada or Mexico with its complex soundscape. This is where virtuosity meets the joy of playing music." The new album has six songs.

"Victim of Desire" is the first. The opening tones are mellow and melodic, with a tinge of majestic qualities. The vocal harmonies are thick, and there is an air of mystery to boot. You can hear the PINK FLOYD influence in how the vocals and leads are delivered. Old habits die hard, I suppose. The music is calm and soothing. "Red Rose" features another smooth and familiar melody...something that you would warm you, almost like a warm blanket on a cold day. There are heavier accents that mark a change in emotion. It's actually amazing how this music can pull so much out of the listener.

"A Cold Spring Day In" is the shortest. For a Prog/Art Rock band, it's a nice little jovial sound that reminds you of the comforts of staying in your home when the weather is inclement outside. Maybe you are making soup, starting a new book, or catching up with friends. Whatever you find comfort in, this song is the audio visualization of that. "Life in a Cage" begins with some soft tom drums, and has a darker sound. It is perhaps a tale of a man suffering from mental illness. His existence is sad to the outsider, but the pain he feels supersedes that.

"King of the World" is a 13-minute opus. It eases in, with chunky bass notes and a soft melody line. It is full of both love and mystery, and there is also a sad quality to the song...sort of like a King who is in his waning days on the throne, realizing all the good he tried to do turned bad. The road to hell is full of good intentions, as they say. "Another Life Beyond Control" closes the album. Fuzzy guitars play along a snazzy melody like with bass underfoot. I hesitate when I say this, but the song has a positive quality to it, almost as if he doesn't care that his life is beyond control. That freedom...that letting go...are priceless.

One of the best parts of the album are the subtle PINK FLOYD influences. Even if they hadn't mentioned this in their bio, you can hear it. But they have their own style as well. They are consummate storytellers, and songwriters, and even the sad songs will find a place in your heart. I find a deeper connection with the music the more that I listen to it. This is a seasoned band who still find creative ways to write music.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Crime Scene" Track-listing:

1. Victim of Desire
2. Red Rose
3. A Cold Spring Day In
4. Life in a Cage
5. King of the World
6. Another Life Beyond Control

RPWL Lineup:

Yogi Lang - Vocals, keyboards
Kalle Wallner - Guitars
Markus Grützner - Bass
Marc Turiaux - Drums

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