Tranches De Vie


ROZZ is a French Heavy Metal Band from Valenciennes, a real underground act; their long […]
By YngwieViking
November 25, 2013
Rozz - Tranches De Vie album cover

ROZZ is a French Heavy Metal Band from Valenciennes, a real underground act; their long history is stretched for almost Three decades. In fact, ROZZ wasn't active between 1987 to 2007, since then the lineup has changed drastically, and they fired / replaced their lead singer, in consequence the guitar player Marcel Ximenes, the lone survivor of the early team, is now in charge of the vocals duty: for me it's a major change and truly a weak point as the first singer JP Mauro wasn't the most talented French Metal singer, but in comparison to the awful vocal performances recorded for "Tranches De Vie" by Marcel Ximenes, he was quite decent and perhaps that he detained the real personality of the band. I strongly believe that they should change the name of the band as the new sound isn't respectful anymore and the original style of the band neither.

The nostalgic comeback album "D'un Siecle A L'autre" was still interesting, sincere and updated with still a bunch of genuine ingredients that are in the same legacy line of their 1986's debut "Une Autre Vie" , but this time I'm truly disappointed. The lyrics are most of the time dull or in the opposite way, very awkward or embarrassing, the second track "Les Loups" seems to raise the bar, by far the best cut out of this poorly produced album, and it contains some good ideas but it's maybe the only light of hope in the lackluster display of ordinary riffs that is finally the main element or the common denominator of "Tranches De Vie".

The cover for "Crazy Horses" originally recorded by the OSMOND BROTHERS is another let down, not only is this not original (already covered by TANK / NEAL MORSE / TIGERTAILZ / VENGEANCE / PRETTY MAIDS, I warmly recommend you the new rendition recorded by DOG FACE for their fresh "Back On The Streets"), but also the execution is more than questionable, I'm still doubtful about the musical capacities unveiled here.

The cover artwork is beautiful and possibly the most attractive aspect of this album published independently, the greatness of this paint by Stan W.D. is inversely proportional to the interest of such pathetical and boring musical soup. Sorry, but as I am a French Metal enthusiast I really wanted to write something positive and to promote "Tranches De Vie", because of ROZZ's unquestionable integrity, they proved that they had a strong will to survive and they still have the guts to sing in my Mother tongue, no doubt about their commitment but I clearly think that they aren't armed in order to compete in the highly challenging and demanding contemporary Metal Scene. 

3 / 10


"Tranches De Vie" Track-listing:

1. Condamné
2. Les Loups
3. Crazy Horses
4. Croisade
5. Unis
6. Les Conquérants
7. Ménagère Blues
8. Guitariste
9. La Nuit
10. Rozzy
11. La Meilleur Vie
12. Valérie
13. Progrès
14. Psychopiano
15. Vol de Nuit
16. Epiloque

Rozz Lineup:

Marcel Ximenes - Lead Vocals / Guitar
Axel Dordain - Guitar
Markus Fortunato - Bass
Stef Moulin - Drums
Alain Ximenes - Keyboards

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