Sweden's ROULETTE have created something very special in "Now!". Out late March via Black Lodge […]
By David Crossbowmen
March 6, 2019
Roulette - Now! album cover

Sweden's ROULETTE have created something very special in "Now!". Out late March via Black Lodge Records. "Now!" is an album that is like having a B vitamin shot injected into your system. It reinvigorates the body and allows you to face the day. The album is on the short side; however, ROULETTE have ensured this quickie of an album is just what we all need because it stays in the mind long after listening to it. "Never Enough" Thomas's amazing vocals are the perfect accompaniment to the chunky guitar riffs. "Now!" is catchy from the get go and into every song to the end. "Keep on Dreaming" is perfectly executed AOR. This tune reminds the listeners to keep that dream alive. This positive mindset is very refreshing. This will not be the only time that ROULETTE inspire us to be better people as "Now!" is full of positivity.

"Soldiers of Love" is another winner. Fist pumping goodness all the way to the chorus, which by the way, is unrelenting. "We Can Make It" is a nice change up that possibly goes into the realm of a ballad. Drummer Mats Nelin stands out here as the drums shine for mixing it up. "Better Day" is practically a perfect song. Hot damn, I mean, what else can be said about this song? It does not meander and is all business. "Turn it Around" is one of those songs we all needed to hear at one point of our lives. Well, it is not too late. In fact, take a listen now (no pun intended) and thank me later. This is the aforementioned chicken soup for the soul we all need. "Another Night" is a textbook AOR song with a monstrous chorus. "Right by Your Side" is the album closer that goes for the jugular. Beautiful song with an addictive passion.

ROULETTE have made an album that hits right in the feels with "Now!". Perfect amount of songs that never becomes stale or unwelcome. "Now!" is the perfect album to listen to when enduring tough times but also when things are going well for us. We must all understand the dark times in order to enjoy the good times. For fans of AOR, Journey, Foreigner, and Jerome Mazza.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Now!" Track-listing:

1. Never Enough
2. Keep on Dreaming
3. Soldiers of Love
4. We Can Make It
5. Secret Room
6. Better Day
7. Turn It Around
8. The Only Way
9. Another Night
10. Right By Your Side

Roulette Lineup:

Thomas Lundren - Vocals
Hansi Fellbrink - Bass/vocals
Magnus Nelin - Guitars/Vocals
Mats Nelin - Drums

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