Let There Be Rot


Finnish and British Death Metal-inspired ROTPIT are crashing into the scene with "Let There Be […]
By Lesley-Ann Ang
May 23, 2023
Rotpit - Let There Be Rot album cover

Finnish and British Death Metal-inspired ROTPIT are crashing into the scene with "Let There Be Rot" under War Anthem Records. Influenced by the early days of the Death Metal movement, members Jonny Pettersson, Ralf Hauber, and Henrik Posingis, who've all had previous projects in the genre, released their debut album this past April.

I could be saying this as a horror-genre enthusiast, but ROTPIT's title track "Let There Be Rot" could easily serve as the main theme for many iconic splatter films (think Evil Dead, Hostel, or High Tension - for those of you who dabble in foreign horror). Since the band heavily leans into the "rot" theme, it only seems fitting. Simple and heavy perfectly encompasses this sound, and their use of echoes on Ralf Hauber's vocals is equally fitting. Some tracks admittedly fall flat, but the guitar tracks for "Shitburner" and "Rottenness" make for notable callouts. Most tracks are high-energy and ominous, playing to ROTPIT's overarching vibe.

ROTPIT's affinity for keeping true to their inspirations within the Death Metal genre come through with this debut album, and their recognition of some obscure bands from the early era allow them to ring in a new wave of that familiar sound. "Let There Be Rot" is a powerful start for ROTPIT. It will surely allow room for them to go up and out as they contribute to War Anthem Records' roster.

8 / 10









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"Let There Be Rot" Track-listing:

1. Slimebreeder
2. Night of the Ultimate Rot
3. Let There Be Rot
4. Rottenness
5. Beastfeaster
6. Shitburner
7. Deathtrip
8. Into the Rotpit
9. The Serenade of Rot

Rotpit Lineup:

Ralf Hauber - Vocals
Jonny Pettersson - Guitars/Bass
Henrik Posingis - Drums

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