Rosy Vista

This album lives up to its name, thirty-years after breaking up, ROSY VISTA have finally […]
By Kevin Burke
February 23, 2019
Rosy Vista - Unbelievable album cover

This album lives up to its name, thirty-years after breaking up, ROSY VISTA have finally got the album they so rightly deserved, in a sense "Unbelievable" is an unbelievable fact that anything is possible.

ROSY VISTA were Germany's premiere all-female metal-band.  The quartet formed in 1983, released two singles and an Ep before calling time in 1989.

Contained on this intriguing and fully-realized release are twelve-tracks, five of which are re-recorded versions included on the original Ep from eighty-five along with six new songs and a kick-ass cover of the STEPPENWOLF classic "Born To Be Wild", intriguing stuff indeed.

Opening with the single "Crazy", this a blast of delicious metal, straightforward and to the point, nailing down perfectly from the outset all the elements which made this band great first time round.  ROSY VISTA raise the bar very high, the riffs are sculpted and executed with precision, the passionate assault of vocalist Andrea Schwarz sticks the knife in the current pretenders on the scene and twists it gracefully.

At its slower moments "Unbelievable" has an undeniable groove which is infectious, "Sadistic Lover" points to this, do not be mistaken as to this being totally old-school, this is the actual sound of ROSY ViSTA, as if the last three-decades never happened they have awakened like a dormant beast.  This track however is one of the reworked classics from 1985, stacking up seamlessly alongside the newer material.  Shades of HEART spill from the speakers as the reflective "Too Much Feeling" ignites, the 'cigarette lighter in the air moment' is still done with a raw aggression, staying well out of the waters of cliches.

The most recognizable track-"Tables Are Turned" a single from back in the day (1986), sounds better than it did originally, updated and breathing with the fire and energy that originally drove this quartet.  A winning point is the maturity injected into the music, Anca Graterol guitar playing skips between passionate-mournful pleas to all out warfare, catchy hooks abound such as the mid-tempo "Until I'm Satisfied".  Good times rule the occasion though, tracks such as "Poor Rosy" and "Rockin' Through The Night" have more balls than most male-driven bands.  An undeniable vibe of SCORPIONS comes to the surface at times, down to geographical locations than influence perhaps, but not a bad thing by any stretch.

The all out grimey-guitar crack of the closer "Born To Be Wild" is the fun brain candy display that it should be, all the elements that make ROSY VISTA the band to watch are crammed within the space of four-minutes.  Snarling vocals, pounding-drums, guitar acrobatics and a solid bass back line.  All the ingredients are there to be seen, heard and enjoyed, you can't help wondering the 'why's?' as to the band's initial demise, instead of dwelling on that its best to enjoy the here and now, looking forward to more from the resurrection of ROSY VISTA than looking to the past.

10 / 10









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"Unbelievable" Track-listing:

1. Crazy
2. Sadistic lover
3. Master of control
4. Too much feeling
5. Tables are turned
6. Until I'm satisfied
7. Hopatina
8. Poor Rosy
9. Sound of your love
10. Rockin' through the night
11. Changin' my mind
12. Born to be wild

Rosy Vista Lineup:

Andrea Schwarz - Vocals
Anca Graterol - Guitars
Angela Mann - Bass
Marina Hlubek - Drums

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