Blood Brothers

Rose Tattoo

Pete Wells (often described as an Australian version of Keith Richards) lost his battle with […]
By Grigoris Chronis
April 1, 2007
Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers album cover

Pete Wells (often described as an Australian version of Keith Richards) lost his battle with cancer in March 2006. Age: 58...An icon for the Aussie Rock scene, the ROSE TATTOO founder/original guitarist's unexpected death reminded us of the significance of this 100% underestimated band in the 'flesh' of Rock 'n' Roll music worldwide the last 30 years. Blood Brothers be it; united we stand...
When AC/DC left to be ambassadors for the style internationally, ROSE TATTOO arrived just in time to keep the fans satisfied at home, reads a note on a ROSE TATTOO fan page. Pure truth in one sentence. The unlimited success of Angus Young and Co. - logically - gave little of chance for their compatriots to gain the reputation they definitely reserved. Hmmm...reputation did they achieve (on second thought) but both sales (worldwide) and extended touring plans where not big events to come. But, when Bon Scott and Angus Young is an early fan of you, then the chill is high and written in the wind is the consciousness for doin' something really 'rocking'.
1978's Rose Tattoo debut (produced by the AC/DC team - Vanda and Young) provided the Rock/(then )Metal world with a song called Remedy, the band's landmark for 30 years now (you've surely heard it somewhere...sure thing!). It also provided, as every album ROSE TATTOO have recorded, a bald, tattooed mean man called Angry Anderson whose a) figure is highly recognizable across the globe, b) social action (cultural and youth projects) resulted in earning the Order Of Australia metal.
Years have passed...even if many things can be said for the ROSE TATTOO in the 80s (lineup changes, tours, a 'freeze' etc) it is worth the notice to refer to ROSE TATTOO in the 21st century. Due to Walls' death, the release of Blood Brothers must 'ave been a pain in the ass...But, but, but: good things spring outta bad shit (at times) and this album sees two significant elements: i) ROSE TATTOO dive back to the primary deeds, meaning 'dirty' Aussie Rock mixed with some Blues Rock sugar and enough(?) of the Southern bohemianism, b) Angry Anderson stays young at heart, carrying on in remembrance of both Pete Wells and Ian Rilen (fellow ROSE TATTOO founder - died in October 2006). Hence, his smoking voice is here, the slide guitars are here, various tempos create a dozen of parallel feelings for a good time in your local Rock club, the AC/DC (Scott era) spirit summons unique passion and tunes like Black Eyed Bruiser, Man About Town, Stand Over Man and...phewww...the whole album - I see it bein' more vivid than 2002's Pain reunion CD - guarantee your satisfaction by these ol' rockers.
A month ago, a Bon Scott tribute concert was held in Australia. ROSE TATTOO (with THE ANGELS and THE SCREAMING JETS) provided the music. Need more?
P.S.: German 'beer' thrashers TANKARD have covered Remedy in their 1989 Alien mini-LP. Any objections 'bout ROSE TATTOO not bein' 'Rock' to the bone?

7 / 10


"Blood Brothers" Track-listing:

Black Eyed Bruiser
Slipping Away
Once In A Lifetime
City Blues
Sweet Meat
Man About Town
Stand Over Man
Nothing To Lose

Rose Tattoo Lineup:

Angry Anderson - Vocals
Mick Cocks - Guitar
Steve King - Bass
Paul DeMarco - Drums
Dai Pritchard - Slide Guitar

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