Ronnie Atkins

When you listen to “Trinity”, the opening title song will have you humming or even singing along straight away, that’s how powerful it’s pull is.
January 24, 2024

The name RONNIE ATKINS will be known to many old Melodic Rock & Heavy Metal lovers around the world, as he was one of the founders of PRETTY MAIDS in Denmark in 1981. Yes, there are more bands from that beautiful country except for MERCYFUL FATE or VOLBEAT. Since two years ago RONNIE ATKINS has hooked up with FRONTIERS MUSIC SRL. This has resulted in three studio albums, which are “One Shot” (2021), “Make It Count”(2022) and now “Trinity” (released on October 13, 2023). Yes, it has taken us at METAL TEMPLE a long time to write this review, but I do hope that those who haven’t heard the “Trinity” album will become interested in changing their priorities and listen to this, the latest RONNIE ATKINS venture. I assure you, as an AOR, Melodic Rock or even Heavy Metal fan you will not be disappointed.

Sometimes an album has to grow on you, you have to slide into it gradually before you start hearing how good the music is. Well, forget that when you listen to “Trinity”. The opening title song will have you humming or even singing along straight away, that’s how powerful it’s pull is. And to be honest, that will happen to you a lot more. I am currently listening to “Paper Tiger”, and that one has the same effect. What I will say is that you should not be expecting elaborate tunes with a lot of breaks, changes in direction or speed. No, this is simple and straight forward Melodic Rock. Let me put it in another way; if you love the approach to Heavy Metal that SAXON had in the first half of the eighties, you will really love the simplicity of the music on “Trinity”. And please don’t confuse simplicity with dullness, because if RONNIE ATKINS is anything, at least what he is treating us to is as far from dull as it can be.

I think you get the gist now that I really like RONNIE ATKINS on this “Trinity” album. To my shame I have to admit that I haven’t heard the other two solo albums by this Great Dane, so I do have to do something to rectify that. And I will, because “Trinity” really has me wanting to hear more of RONNIE ATKINS. I can’t say I expected that when I started listening, but I gladly accept that such is the outcome of these listening sessions.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Trinity" Track-listing:


1 Trinity

2 Ode To A Madman

3 Paper Tiger

4 Soul Divine

5 Via Dolorosa

6 Godless

7 Shine

8 If You Can Dream It

9 Sister Sinister

10 Raining Fire

11 The Unwanted

12 What If


Ronnie Atkins Lineup:


Ronnie Atkins – Lead & Backing Vocals

Chris Laney – Guitar & Keyboards

Marcus Sunesson – Guitar

Pontus Egberg – Bass

Allan Sörensen – Drums

Linnéa Vikström Egg – Backing Vocals


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