Metal Cowboy

Ron Keel

This is the perfect listening companion to the great book by Ron Keel untitled "Even […]
By YngwieViking
February 24, 2014
Ron Keel - Metal Cowboy album cover

This is the perfect listening companion to the great book by Ron Keel untitled "Even Keel-life On The Streets Of Rock & Roll" which is telling the fascinating history and unvarnished of this Rock and Roll outlaw, a saga, a journey that is stretched from California to Ohio to Tennessee to Japan back to Las Vegas, filled with tales about sex, drugs and Fine music.

The writing piece of 300+ pages is warmly recommended for those who want to share once again the fascinating story of Keel, his interaction with the maestro Yngwie J. Malmsteen in the short lived STEELER, his mythical sort run with BLACK SABBATH in 1984, his fricative collaboration with the KISS demon Gene Simmons and the triumph of KEEL in the 80's, his down times after the grunge disaster, the resurrection of his career with IRONHORSE and RK's FAIR GAME and the -in between down incognito- situation while playing Country Music in Bars, just before the reincarnation of the KEEL band again with much success in 2010.

I was one of the many pledgers that helped the whole project to happened and I'm fucking glad, damn proud of my action.

The album is very well named, because the music sounds just like the title describes it: Rough, Rockin' Hard and the Red Neck Headbangin' old School American Heavy Rock enhanced with a few classic Southern Elements such as the raw licks from the Frank Hannon's slide guitar (from TESLA's fame) and brilliant dobra guitar fills courtesy of expert Travis Toy... "Metal Cowboy" that's indeed a perfect summary for this sound. The musicians casting is a who's who of the glorious years: All drums were performed by Y&T's Mike Vanderhule with other special guests including Ronnie Mancuso (RED DRAGON CARTEL / BEGGARS AND THIEVES), the great vocalist  Paul Shortino (ex-ROUGH CUTT / ex-QUIET RIOT / KING KOBRA) in a thrilling duet for the cut "Singers , Hookers and Thieves", Guitarist Brent Muscat (ex-FASTER PUSSYCAT / SIN CITY SINNERS), Geno Arce from KEEL / IRONHORSE's connections, backing vocals provided by Stacey Blades from L.A. GUNS and even a messy - live in-studio- recording number with Vegas SIN CITY SINNERS ("3 Chords Drinkin' Song").

I suppose you'll received the message pretty well, this is the real deal, no bullshit, no gimmicks, no fake spirit here, it's just an hard working/touring musician's testimony dedicated to his craft.

7 / 10


"Metal Cowboy" Track-listing:

1. Long Gone Bad
2. Wild Forever
3. My Bad
4. What Would Skynyrd Do ?
5. Just Like Tennessee
6. The Last Ride
7. When Love Goes Down
8. Singers Hookers And Thieves
9. Evil Wicked Mean And Nasty
10. The Cowboy Road
11. Three Chord Drinkin' Song
12. My Bad
13. Just Like Tennessee
14. Singers, Hookers And Thieves


Ron Keel Lineup:

Ron Keel - Lead Vocals / Guitar / Banjo
Geno Arce - Bass
Ronnie Mancuso - Bass / Keyboards / Lead Guitars
Mike Vanderhule - Drums
Keith Robert - Lead Guitars
Brent Muscat - Lead Guitars

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