Romeo's Daughter

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER is a female fronted Melodic Hard Rock / AO band from London and […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
May 21, 2015
Romeo's Daughter - Spin album cover

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER is a female fronted Melodic Hard Rock / AO band from London and South East. The band was formed in 1988 and they have released such albums: "Romeo's Daughter" in 1988, "Delectable" in 1993, "Rapture" in 2012 and fresh album "Spin" on 20th April 2015.

I love so much the track "Tall Buildings" with gentle a opening & then are heavier riffs with amazing voice of vocalist. Such powerful sounds give motivation to life! Awesome sounds & brilliant guitar solo! You just want to listen to it again & again! Vocalist Leigh Matty has an incredible melodic clear voice with balsamic echoes and also sexy depth. Single track "Touch" has great guitars and driving bass inside. The deep and sexy voice of the vocalist give unbelievable charm to this song. Fine chorus with NIRVANA and ALICE IN CHAINS influences and higher climate is inside it. Perfect working guitar sounds totally amazing!

Great opener in calmer style & modern sounds with electronic elements are in "Love will come to those who wait" where there are fabulous riffs & Rock from an 80's climate and very memorable chorus which dig into mind after first listening. Refrain is so fantastic singing in choir in "Enemy" also keys give brilliant atmosphere. Worth to mention that here is amazing melodic guitar riffs and perfect working rhythmic section. Fans of VIXEN, VANILLIA NINJA, HEART and CHASING VIOLETS will like this track.

Keys, mysterious atmosphere and AOR rhythmical section sounds stunning in "All Because of You" where there is such a melodic chorus with perfect working guitars. I love these sounds. Melodic AOR with commercial echoes are in "Already Gone" - here is also a melodic chorus and fabulous guitar work that gives true positive vibes. "Perfect Plan" has fantastic energy with guitar riffs in happy Hard Rock mood & perfectly working rhythmic section. What a catchy refrain in true Rock style which I just adore!

Worth to listen are also: "Didn't see it Coming" with calmer acoustic guitars and fine chorus with brilliant voice & gorgeous choir in the background, "Tonight" with acoustic guitars and very climatic melodic sounds with commercial echoes and "Radio" where are Country influences in guitars and interesting refrain in high climate with piano, choir and TINA TURNER influences.

Album "Spin" is a  necessary position to every lovers of Melodic Hard Rock & AOR. Every track on this album is potential hit! Fantastic riffs, clear rhythmic section and beautiful melodic singing. Catchy choruses dig into the listener's mind for a long time. I really enjoyed during listening songs of this English Rockers. Highly recommend to every Hard Rock fan! The 4th album of ROMEO'S DAUGHTER is totally addictive!

10 / 10


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"Spin" Track-listing:

1. Touch
2. Already Gone
3. Love will come to those who wait
4. Enemy
5. Didn't see it coming
6. Radio
7. Tonight
8. All Because of you
9. Perfect Plan
10. Tall Buildings

Romeo's Daughter Lineup:

Leigh Matty - Vocals
Craig Joiner - Guitars
Ed Poole - Bass
Andy Wells - Drums

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