The submarine surfaced up and the kryptonite green in the cover made me really nervous. […]
By Maria Voutiriadou
June 6, 2010
Rollerball - Submarine album cover

The submarine surfaced up and the kryptonite green in the cover made me really nervous. Relax man, it's only Rock 'n' Roll and you gonna love it; these Australians managed to put some salt from their surfing boards between the music tabs. Pretty cool, huh? Well, ROLLERBALL have the heavy rock tunes of KYUSS and the same passionate playing in their veins the same that ACDC used to have as newbies. The four mates from Brisbane, Australia are shaking the music waters and urging us in a merciful headbanging with their ultimate effort, "Submarine" and if you're ready for some well-played heavy summer staff, read the following lines below.

I discovered ROLLERBALL accidentally a couple of months before, when I was searching for new videos in youtube. "We Always Slide" rocked my world and my life was never the same after that; the southern breeze this song brought to my ears, the colorful guitars and the tripping riffage-for-the-road that pumped out the speakers were simply indescribably. Matt's lazy reading in combination with the pompous guitars, the remarkable bass line leading all the instruments and the sharp, stoned drums make the perfect match and it will be difficult to say 'no' to these guys. The beach wave and then the absolute calmness. Till the next one. And the next one. The 55 minutes of "Submarine" are full of moments like these and it'll not be strange if you see the reef's edge passing before your eyes. Delusions? Check closer.

The self-titled track holds the appropriate aggression and the bluesy boogie rock mix up the stoner sensations of masters FU MANCHU, while "Youth Bailed (Back To Hell)" seems to be THE ANSWER's lost track, boiling into some dingy bourbon's tank. Are you listening, California, out there? The bluesy solos, the loose tunes and the husky voice are the best companion for an easy rider, you know. "B-Ray Boogie" allies to that and "Run Aground" throws a furious fist in your face like MUSTASCH and QOTSA did successfully few years ago. The final "Never A Rodeo" carries all this vintage rock style and the badass groove through the 15 minutes and Matt's outbreak is like a vanilla ice cream on our faces; sudden, pure and frank.

If ACDC were born in '00s and decided to release a debut album 9 years later, that album would be "Submarine", under ROLLERBALL name. Concluding, I hold the following sayings on ROLLERBALL official web page:

"Other bands are prettier.
Other bands have better haircuts.
Other bands follow fashions.
Other bands are the next big thing.
Nobody rocks like ROLLERBALL."

8 / 10


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"Submarine" Track-listing:
  1. Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
  2. Submarine
  3. Seasoar
  4. Youth Bailed (Back To Hell)
  5. Your Lullaby
  6. We Always Slide
  7. The Devils Reprise
  8. Run Aground
  9. Tame Existence
  10. B - Ray Boogie
  11. Never A Rodeo
Rollerball Lineup:

Matt "Tenpin" - Vocals
Dave Talon - Guitar
Stew "Boots" - Bass
Cam "Cracker" - Drums

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