Entrance to the Otherwhere

Rogga Johansson

So, if you don't know who ROGGA JOHANSSON is or what certifies him as able […]
June 3, 2019
Rogga Johansson - Entrance to the Otherwhere album cover

So, if you don't know who ROGGA JOHANSSON is or what certifies him as able to release a solo album, simply have a look at his resume posted on Encyclopedia Metallum.  There are no fewer than twenty-three bands that he is active in.  He has a side project with Paul Speckmann of MASTER, has played in SOULBURN, and is probably best known for PAGANIZER.  "Entrance to the Otherwhere" is his second full-length and has a very unique sound that fills the craving for brutality and melody with one fell swoop.

"The Re-mergers" opens things up.  One is immediately greeted with a pummeling assault over which delicately-placed melodies dance.  This is very much classic Swedish Death Metal however with a personal touch that puts everything in perspective.  "When the Otherwhere Opens," the third track, furthers this ethos letting loose cruel palm-muted passages interspersed with crushingly brutal growls.

Of course, there are a few different bands that came to mind along the way whilst listening to this album.  At times, his vocals seem to mirror a less-baritone version of Jorgen from GRAVE's.  One can hear elements of ASPHYX, classic ENTOMBED, and UNLEASHED.  The guitar tone is what really sets this apart.  It is incredible how such a dominating tone was captured in the studio.  It is almost like a more articulate version of classic OBITUARY tone.

Metal fans from around the globe will certainly dig this record.  Song like the fifth track, "As Evil Seeps Out," have a distinct, succinct pattern.  At the 2:48 mark, the band drops out for a brief bass solo which is followed by chaos itself, the solo is so very brief but captures the overall mood perfectly.  The melodies played over the riffs at times mirror classic Metal with a very digestible Adrian Smith - Dave Murray approach.

The title track appears in the seventh slot and at one forcefully grabs the ears demanding attention.  The chorus features the dirtiest, nastiest vocal part of the album with an almost Black Metal approach.  Overall, with only two songs over four minutes in length, the album is a scorcher seemingly flying by.  When one thinks about how ROGGA played every instrument, the milestone of this record is truly contemplated.  Musicians everywhere are surely jealous for music seems to just exude out of this man.  Well done!

8 / 10









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"Entrance to the Otherwhere" Track-listing:

1. The Re-emergers
2. Till Bergets Puls
3. When the Otherwhere Opens
4. Giants Walking at Night
5. As Evil Seeps Out
6. Berget Vaknar
7. Entrance to the Otherwhere
8. A Journey into Fear
9. In the Grip of Garpedans

Rogga Johansson Lineup:

Rogga Johansson - Everything

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