Echoes Of Pain


Tracing back to ROARBACK's EP, "Face The Sun", I found a band clinging hard through […]
December 22, 2013
Roarback - Echoes Of Pain album cover

Tracing back to ROARBACK's EP, "Face The Sun", I found a band clinging hard through the Thrash / Groove semi Death Metal of early to mid 90's SEPULTURA while also somewhat induced by late 80's SLAYER. Face is I found a prospect that could end up being the roots of importance to the cross between Groove and Thrash / Death Metal. Two years passed since that EP, and now the Danes are signed to their local Mighty Music label for the release of their debut monstrosity "Echoes Of Pain". Re-recording three out of the four tracks enclosed within "Face The Sun", ROARBACK appeared to make a stand where the EP stopped, remaining within the same lines and providing the same toughened vibe of music, sometimes turning up the heat with inexorable stuff, touching a bit of primitive filth, creating the right surrounding for a full time moshphit frenzy smackdown of a Brazilian brutish nature that will bring down pain and wrath upon you all. Frankly, I didn't expect anything irregular from these guys, just plain bloody fist and a type of in your face rupture. The band's formula worked to some extent, but it has its limits zoning it as rather similar to the analogous blood and sweat of "Face The Sun".

Mentioning that earlier for a little bit, "Echoes Of Pain" has that knack to head on being fierce, and at times even speedier, in contrast to the songs that were a part of the early EP. Still holding tight to SEPULTURA as a major resonance throughout the riffing and the inclusive transgression elements within the songs, ROARBACK clasped fists similar to early 90's MACHINE HEAD, of the "Burn My Eyes" era, a mild dosage of CANNIBAL CORPSE (minus the technical values of the gory giant and the extremer vile imagery), along with constantly bashing skulls by following the eminent SLAYER antics, and rather heftier than earlier on. "Manor of Hatred", alongside the already known "My World" from the EP, provides an idea of ROARBACK's tendrils within their mixture of genres, lashing out with old school Death Metal alongside semi old school meets Groove riffery of a neat quality, skinning with feverish gruesomeness and cataclysmic fast paced soloing. Not exactly food for the gods, but a nasty hardened chugger for sure that will keep your blood pumping. "Peoples Hate" rounding up the pit, blasted through with utmost force, appeared as speedy but slowly applied decent grooves al'a "Chaos A.D." SEPULTURA and a Death Metal onslaught with rapid tremolo picking, nothing too threadbare but conserving the band's standard from their previous offerings. The guitar solo smeared with the Hannemann influence all over it, at first sounded like mish mash of noise, and I really didn't appreciate how it abruptly ended the song.

In the end of the day, ROARBACK's newer material didn't present any above the average constellations that knocked me out. Of course that it is hard to get caught in the web of their heaviness and ferocity, yet it appeared that round after round their tunes sounds rather parallel and a little recurring on several notes. Though the grade shows otherwise, I believe that "Echoes Of Pain" shows an improvement of the band's material, however, there is a road to go before reaching higher in the food chain of Metal.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Echoes Of Pain" Track-listing:

1. Peoples Hate
2. I Will Find You
3. Voices of Deception
4. Manor of Hatred
5. Face the Sun
6. My World
7. Wrong Manis Life
8. Systematically Murdered
9. Warmachine
10. Echoes of Pain

Roarback Lineup:

Andreas Dixø - Guitars
Andreas Rohde - Guitars
Dennis Ullehus - Vocals
Mikkel Stender - Bass
Kåre Holm-Sørensen - Drums

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