Wolf Pack


ROADFEVER is a relatively new band Hailing from Switzerland, formed by a bunch of veterans […]
By YngwieViking
November 25, 2013
Roadfever - Wolf Pack album cover

ROADFEVER is a relatively new band Hailing from Switzerland, formed by a bunch of veterans guys (ex-SIDEBURN / ex-RATED X) and a female at the lead singer helm, "Wolf Pack" is already their second album (after their self-published 2009's "Wheels Of Fire"), they are among the new groups signed to the AOR specialized label Avenue of Allies which is strange , because it seems that they are one of the Heaviest act of their entire catalogue (along with the Amazing DANGER ZONE and FATE).

However, don't expect neither too brutal or technical, this is a guitar driven Melodic Metal in the Swiss tradition with many influences that are coming straight from the timeless Classic Rock fashion.

The tracks such as "Warning Shot", "Drain Your Mind", and "The Dice Will Roll" would not be odd in a SHAKRA/MAXXWELL cd or in an old VICTORY records, early SINNER, is another plausible analogy, even a quite valid comparison, especially as Mat Sinner (PRIMAL FEAR / SILENT FORCE / VOODOO CIRCLE) himself, is singing in duet with miss Stevie Pike in the power ballad "Magic Sun" (the highlight of the whole recording IMHO).

The structures are very conventional, clearly tagged in the Euro Metal  tradition with a recurrent method in their endless adlib chorus, enhanced by the powerful voice of Oliver Hartmann (AVANTASIA / EARTHCRY / ex-AT VANCE / ex-IRON MASK / ex-EMPTY TREMORS). Their attempts in order to softening the pace are dull, as "Wings Of An Eagle""Brother" & "Red Horses" aren't really convincing, a strange way to conclude an album (perhaps some label's prerogatives pressures?), luckily when the energy is correctly melted with melodies in titles like "The Dice Will Roll" & "Black Moon Breeze" the band seems more at ease .

Actually, I don' find "Wolf Pack" really exciting , the guitars are quite good, but it's a very old and quite worn-out Method of playing Hard Rock, that's fine for me, but I strongly believe that there something more essential to purchase with your hard earned money.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Wolf Pack" Track-listing:

1. Wolf Pack
2. The Dice Will Roll
3. Wings Of An Eagle
4. Black Moon Breeze
5. Magic Sun
6. Warning Slot
7. Drain Your Mind
8. On The Other Side
9. Ride The Ocean
10. Brother
11. Red Horse

Roadfever Lineup:

Stevie Pike - Lead Vocals
David Pariat - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Pascal Bavaud - Drums
Jessie Be - Bass

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