Give In to Despair

Ritual Dictates

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: RITUAL DICTATES; signed via Artofactt […]
May 19, 2020
Ritual Dictates - Give In to Despair album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: RITUAL DICTATES; signed via Artofactt Records, hailing from Canadian grounds - performing Black/Death Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Give In To Despair" (released April 3rd, 2020).

Since formation in 2014; the duo in question have 3 Singles, and this here debut Full-Length Album entitled: "Give In To Despair" in their discography so far. 11 tracks ranging at around 33:26; RITUAL DICTATES arranges an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Black/Death Metal developments. Featuring ex 3 INCHES OF BLOOD members who picked up their inspiration from previous bands ALLFATHER & ANGEL GRINDER; this new path of trailblazing metal mayhem, juxtaposes an eceletic amalgamation of Black/Grind/Death Metal and hints of classic rock revolved into an exciting new territory of uniquely versatile vehemence. Bringing forth a fray of guest musicians: Danko Jones; Shawn Haché (known for their work in MITOCHINDRION; AUROCH, and NIGHT PROFOUND) this is undoubtedly an intensely epic supergroup that's for sure. "It's About Goddamn Time (The Hours Of Folly Part 1)" opens up the record; a 1:28 instrumental of speedy yet static riff picking, until an extreme dose of amplified adrenaline & boisterously bouncy kicks that surge with skyrocketing tightness, leaping between monstrously meaty manifestations while remaining thunderously manic which shroud the sound production with vicious integrity.

Consisting of Justin Hagberg on vocals/guitars; the frontman excels at a borderline foundation of blackened barks, howling into deep guttural lungs that showcase throaty snarls & raspy pipes that yell with menacing if he's unleashing some personal demons, coming to haunt him from his past...steaming them out with full force. "Dominance And Will" implements a frenzied but crunchy aesthetic, demonstrating hardened grinds and a hybrid dimension of riveting rhythms, rifting an arbitrary distinction of otherworldly chaos. Enforcing this blistering baton that shrieks at a hellishly hostile pace; part utterly filthy Black Metal rawness, part total neck-breaking Thrash Metal roughness & part bulldozing Doom Metal plus Core convergence – elementing an enriching culmination of meticulously gnarly hooks impressively gleaming at a frequently mesmerising style of outrè panache & solid substance. The pair seems to cross between familiar virtuosity, quintessentially expanding an experimental embellishment of formative exploration & progressively technical vibrancy. Organically providing quirky snappiness, ruthless pandemonium & jarring yet atonal but deathly brutalities in the titular an enriching segment of acoustic harmonies dialing the tone down a little until the groovy execution of bassline momentum meticulously strikes with punchy jumpiness.

Elsewhere in "Obsolete Instinct", a brutally brief examination energizing an extreme aggression of rip-roaring shreds & sonically seamless retribution...while "Last Phase Of Life" revels with rapidly nimble subjugation. Ash Pearson on the rumbling, pummelling drums hammers a battering distribution of pounding reverberation & smashing complexity. Establishing dexterously chunky fretworks, fierce firepower & intense chugs that rollick with galloping outbursts of primitively stompy thumpiness. Rambunctiously slamming with intriguing creativity, conjuring fluidly detailed craftsmanship distortion & razor-sharp stability that merges sinister yet melodic mid-sections with sublime variety. "Poisonous Proclamation (feat. Danko Jones) introduces Canada's famed but one of the most potentially talented rockers to the table with his bellowing but wildly rushing strumming takes on an interesting dynamic, compiling a bewildering collusion of salubriously old-school (& new-school) velocities & deadly expertise.

These relentless sub-genre mergers are diverted into a flamboyant fabrication of triggering professionalism, persevering profusely robust calamities entrenching a beefy prerequisite of individual components & immersifyingly intense magnitude of wickedly tasteful musical sophistication. "Aperiam in Porta" is the longest track on the record; pulling out all the stops with voracious sludginess, churning a tide of stampeding velocities that will make anyone break chairs over other chairs. A solidified slab of wondrously yet prestigiously concrete aesthetics, harnessing a haralding contrast of frantically foreboding havoc. "Extinction" is a full-throttle thrasher; rampantly portraying vulgar yet volatile punishments that will make your soul rampage with violent tendencies, making you run with maddening but boundless ferocity.

"Indivisible Mind" continues this onslaughting assault of impactful droniness; hell-bent on pile-driving your head into a barraging mass of mandatory banging, hastefully crushing it with mighty & steely precision that will make your sweat particles drip diligently on that frantic cardio session that you will want to get on to after (and) during this listening, as you repeatedly unleash to this beast continuously. The penultimate song: "What Cannot Be Altered Must Be Endured" is another consistently furious overarch of oozing maliciousness; unafraid to transcend the peak while carrying its grandeur combustion into a scorching maelstrom of mighty remedies, silver-lining romps & massively ominous pursuits of evil empowered enlightenments. Overall concluding "Give In To Despair" with the part 2 epic finale of "The Hours Of Folly": "Terror Of Time"; I am compelled to say that RITUAL DICTATES certainly outdone themselves for a demonic debut such as this.

Bottom line; RITUAL DICTATES definitely fulfilled my thrashing needs with this one, while the idiosyncratic ideas are imaginatively wonderful while constructively grim & distinguished - here lays a new mob ready to tell their tales of new beginnings and tribulations that will make sure that you are indefinitely pleased with this sulphurous but gritty discovery of head-banging mastery. You should check it out!


8 / 10









"Give In to Despair" Track-listing:

01. It's About Goddamn Time (The Hours Of Folly Part 1)
02. Dominance and Will
03. Given to Despair
04. Obsolete Instinct
05. Last Phase of Life
06. Poisonous Proclamation (feat. Danko Jones)
07. Aperiam in Porta
08. Extinction
09. Indivisible Mind
10. What Cannot Be Altered Must Be Endured
11. Terror of Time (The Hours Of Folly Part 2)

Ritual Dictates Lineup:

Ash Pearson - Drums
Justin Hagberg - Vocals, Guitars

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