Fight Them All

Rising Steel

If you set out to create a fantasy old school Heavy Metal band, you would […]
October 26, 2020
Rising Steel - Beyond the Gates of Hell album cover

If you set out to create a fantasy old school Heavy Metal band, you would probably end up with something like this bunch of Metal muthas from Grenoble. The band name RISING STEEL, their logo, the sleeve depicting a sword and sorcery warrior standing astride a pile of the skulls of his fallen enemies and slain mythical creatures and song titles like "Steel Hammer", "Blackheart", "Savage", and of course the title track "Fight Them All" this could be nothing else than a bunch of guys clad in leather and studs, legs astride, necks snapping, hair flying metal thrashing maniacs.

I had to remind myself it was 2020 (it still is I'm afraid, shit, or should that be merde!) and not the 80's or early 90's when NWOBHM was still in the ascendance, thrash was still new and fresh and bands like SAXON, ACCEPT, ANTHRAX, PRIEST and MAIDEN strode across the Metal landscape like the colossus' we, and RISING STEEL remember they were. This is their second long player and there is something for every discerning Metal Head from Bang yer head metal anthems like "Mystic Voices" and the sublime "Fight Them All" with its astounding guitar work! Through the uber Thrash of "Blackheart" "Malefice" and the Thrashy, Punky MOTORHEAD-like angry, whiplash inducing "Metal Nation", complete with some obligatory Woah's.

Then there are songs like "Gloomy World".  Odd title amongst all the other chest thumping hard as nails names.  "Oh dear I'm feeling a bit gloomy, boo hoo!".  But don't be fooled his is one hell of a stand out track, from its chunky riffing and chuggy pacing, it feels a bit different from the rest for all the right reasons. And "Pussy", with a title like that it couldn't be anything else than a heavy slab of Sleazy Metal, 'nuff said. "Led By Judas" is SAXON meeting MOTLEY in a dirty alley behind a skuzzy bar, and this is their lovechild! Finishing with "Master Control" a full throttle Thrasher to leaver you bloody and sweaty, wanting to go another round!

The band are definitely up for another round too.  They attack (literally) every song and style with the same amount of zeal and guts, and are more than capable.  Drums, bass, guitars, voice all work their bollocks off to produce an authentic monster of a Metal masterpiece!

These scores should go up to 11.

10 / 10









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"Fight Them All" Track-listing:

1. Mystic Voices
2. Fight Them All
3. Steel Hammer
4. Blackheart
5. Savage
6. Gloomy World
7. Malefice
8. Metal Nation
9. Pussy
10. Led By Judas
11. Master Control

Rising Steel Lineup:

Emmanuelson - Vocals
Tony Riffman - Guitar
Matt Heavy Jones - Guitar
Steel Zaro - Bass
Flo Dust - Drums

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