Rising Insane

The European Metalcore scene just keeps getting better and better and this year RISING INSANE […]
By Brad Pfundheller
September 18, 2019
Rising Insane - Porcelain album cover

The European Metalcore scene just keeps getting better and better and this year RISING INSANE is debuting their second full length album titled "Porcelain". The five-piece Metalcore band hails from Bremen, Germany and have proved to be an unstoppable force since their debut album "Nation" in 2017. RISING INSANE first formed in 2012, and since then have been putting their own twist on the genre while adding hints of Post-Hardcore influences along with modern metal sounds. Long Branch Records is backing this album and they have been relentlessly pushing out great albums and bands all year.

The album kicks off with "The Marks You Left" and immediately gets you pumped up with the bouncy grooves the guitars are throwing at you. The chorus has a nice hook, but still keeps it heavy within the instruments. The next song following is the album title with the same name "Porcelain". It sets it up with some more heavy guitars accompanied with dynamic vocal ranges from Aaron. I feel like this track is more of their Post-Hardcore style side to the band. "Neurotic" has the same type of vibe going with it but more of a poppy upbeat to it. Definitely a track you can get down to at a show of theirs. "Silent Screaming" is full of guitar chugs, drum fills, and meaningful growls from the vocalist.

"Last Fragments" starts out with some clean singing and jumps back into the high energy sound that RISING INSANE is pushing through this album. This song really shows off both vocalists ranges, and it is amazing. I definitely connected with this song and I got to say, it's probably my favorite on the record.  "Awakening" keeps the energy flowing but then pauses and slows it down before jumping into a breakdown that will keep you mentally and physically moving. The snare hits, and the unbelievable guitar work help shape this song into one that you will remember.

All in all "Porcelain" has little to no flaws about it in my opinion. The engineering and mixing side of it seems to be all there, along with the instrumental and vocal deliveries. These five dudes have a lot to offer and now that Long Branch Records have picked them up, I'm hoping they will come to the states sometime to tour so I can see these guys lay down what I heard live.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Porcelain" Track-listing:

1. The Marks You Left
2. Porcelain
3. Helpless
4. Neurotic
5. Half Life
6. The Lost Kids
7. Silent Screaming
8. Ignite
9. Last Fragments
10. Awakening
11. Born To Live
12. The Summary

Rising Insane Lineup:

Aaron - Vocals
Florian - Guitar/Vocals
Sven - Guitar
Ulf - Bass
Robert - Drums

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