Voices from the Dust

Risen Prophecy

RISEN PROPHECY is back with a vengeance with a new album, their first one since […]
By Jean-François ''Jackal'' Poulin
August 27, 2019
Risen Prophecy - Voices from the Dust album cover

RISEN PROPHECY is back with a vengeance with a new album, their first one since 2015. They worked extremely hard and toured extensively for the previous release ''Into the Valley of Hinnom''. The Sunderland Power Thrash band took their time and it really shows, there is a sense of maturity in both the music and the song writing. You have to love that cover. It really reminded me of the kickass covers from bands like BLIND GUARDIAN and SYMPHONY X, I don't know who the artist is but they did a great job like the other album covers that preceded this opus. Really great job, major props!

I would say first of all that this band reminded of the great ICED EARTH albums (not the last three for god's sake). You have the Power Metal elements with some relentless Thrash Metal thrown into for good measure. The closest comparison to the UK lads is definitely their American counterpart. You have the aggressive side of bands like EXODUS, DESTRUCTION and TESTAMENT but you also have the melodic moods of bands like MANOWAR and KING DIAMOND. Speaking of the King, well the singer has some killer range. He can have this very deep singing voice but he can belt it out like Rob Halford and the aforementioned King Diamond. This guy can sing and I saw some live footage and the guy is as good or even better live, it's pretty outstanding to be honest.

The production is on par with the previous release, they took their time and the sound is clear and they cleared out the kinks. One thing also to mention is this album almost clocks at 60 minutes compared to the 35 minutes of the previous album. The songs may be longer but you don't have that feeling when listening to the album. It goes fast and makes you want for more. The last song is pretty epic and is more than ten minutes long. You have the distinctive feel that you are listening to something far better than most Thrash Metal Bands on the scene right now. This song is the balance of the album, everything is thrown in except the kitchen sink. They deliver on all fronts and they show what they are made of.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Voices from the Dust" Track-listing:

1. Summoning Whispers
2. The Flames of Consummation
3. Eternity in Script
4. The Waters
5. Contemplation
6. The Tower in Shinar
7. The Eye of Hades
8. Vengeance from Above
9. The Ancient Curse
10. Unveiling
11. Voices from the Dust

Risen Prophecy Lineup:

Dan Tyrens - Vocals
Ross Oliver - Guitars
James Charlton - Drums
Ben Oliver - Bass

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