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Rise to the Sky

RISE TO THE SKY is a one man project that plays a highly emotional style […]
Rise to the Sky - Two Years of Grief album cover

RISE TO THE SKY is a one man project that plays a highly emotional style of atmospheric and melodic death/doom.  Since Sergio.formed the idea back in 2019, he has been highly prolific with it considering 'Two Years of Grief' is project's seventh full length album.  In addition, two compilation albums and two EPs have also been released. That is a lot of work in a short amount of time and now it is time to put the project to rest as 'Two Years of Grief' will be the final album from RISE TO THE SKY for the time being.  This last full length will serve as the final chapter of a series about grief, which started with the album 'Per Aspera ad Astra,' after the unfortunate passing of Sergio's father.  The grief continued on the next two albums, 'Every Day, A Funeral' and 'Stay With Me When You're Gone.'

'Two Years of Grief,' tells the story that, through the birth of his son, Sergio has brought his father home again.  As with the other albums, I can tell he has poured his very essence into these songs-it takes a strong person to take this grief, these matters of life and death, and turn them into a musical journey. The grief within these songs is nearly palpable. RTTS has never been a band to shy away from the darkness but this is the project in its most organic and exposed form.  However, this album isn't just doom and gloom.  I don't want to say it's 'hope' per say...but it has a certain peaceful clarity to it; a certain coming to "terms" and accepting the passing of a loved one, as much as possible anyway.

The album begins with 'Funeral For My Home,' and its layered, lush classical intro that leads to a suffocating riff.  The vocals, deep death growls, are tortured gasps of emotions that can no longer be contained, reaching for a finality while still trying to accept it.  Around the 4:12 mark, a passage begins that is among the heaviest moments in the entire discography of RISE TO THE SKY. Deep, ominous tones of 'I Knew That Joy Would Die,' give way to more sorrowful tones as doom arrives, heavy enough to fall forever.  The drums in particular are arresting-very complimentary of the song but fully grasping when to lay it on heavy and when to hang back.  After the five minute mark, the song turns into a force that I can only describe as a doom metal hurricane-perpetual motion that can't be stopped or reasoned with. Like death itself.

If the opening song is one of the band's heaviest moments then 'Two Years of Grief,' is one of their most beautiful.  Natalia Drepina offers poetic spoken word and ethereal clean vocals to this track,  making it a haunting experience.  The detailed, clean instrumentation is the perfect respite from the other tracks but still fits in the album so well as it matches its theme and atmosphere.  The video of the song, also starring and created by Natalia, is well worth watching.  A link to it will be posted below the review. The final song is 'From My Blood I Bring You Home,' and might just be the best damn song Sergio has penned up to this point.  Not only does it end the album perfectly but it really encompasses everything the album, and project/band itself, stands for.  The song has several moments that switch from distortion to clean passages but it never misses a beat and flows right along to its final destination.  As we all must do.

There is a bonus track called 'My Light Dies,' and shows off Sergio's clean vocals, which are excellent and just as expressive as his growls. I don't know if Sergio will bring back RISE TO THE SKY or not.  If he doesn't then 'Two Years of Grief' is the perfect way to end one hell of an experience.  I have followed the journey of this musician ever since the second full length album so thank you, Sergio, for allowing me and other fans to be a part of your loss, your grief, and now the birth of life renewed.

10 / 10









"Two Years of Grief" Track-listing:

1. Funeral for My Home
2. Burdened by Grief
3. I Knew That Joy Would Die
4. Becoming Flesh and Bone
5. Two Years of Grief
6. Can't Hide from Pain
7. From My Blood I Bring You Home
8. My Light Dies

Rise to the Sky Lineup:

Sergio González Catalán - Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Strings, Vocals
Emidio Ramos - Drums (guest/session)

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