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Rise To The Sky

RISE TO THE SKY is an atmospheric melodic death/doom band from Chile.  Actually, it a […]
February 5, 2021
Rise To The Sky - A Cold Embrace From Life album cover

RISE TO THE SKY is an atmospheric melodic death/doom band from Chile.  Actually, it a one man project from mastermind SERGIO. I reviewed the previous full length, "Death Will Not Keep Us Apart," and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This time around we get a four song EP that is about twenty seven minutes long.  The most immediate thing I recognized is this EP goes right along with "Death Will Not Keep  Us Apart." Isn't a retread of previous ideas or a copy of mastermind's SERGIO's own work but instead a natural extension to what the aforementioned album presented. The first track, "A Cold Embrace From Life," is particularity related to the musical themes of the previous full length.

I think the previous album had a smidgen of hope to it—even death would bring a sort of peace.  But "A Cold Embrace From Life," is cold and destitute as a funeral in Antarctica.  However, Sergio continues to add layers and layers of lush and dense melodies to the band's sound.  In that respect, it may be cold, but it is also constantly shifting with new areas to discover upon each subsequent listen.

The first, and title track, perfectly bridges the music from "Death.." to this ep.  The song builds up slow, the atmosphere a low hum that grows as the drums too continue to make their presence known.  The death growls are mixed better into the songs this time around and these deep, monstrous growls still mange to somehow work with the very melodic music of which they are ride on top of.  Within with all these melodies and harmonies, this is still doom and this is still crushing.  The heavy rhythm guitar is potent, striking, and is a heavy black undertow.  I love how the song reaches the climax just before the end, then the guitars and drums cut off to let the keys shine.

"Darkness Arrives," opens with acoustic guitars.  This passage works very well and gives off a dark folk vibe.  It is rather intricate and encapsulates over two minutes, showing off Sergio's desire and abilities to add in new dimensions.  The lead guitar takes over as the bottom falls out of the sky with a huge death growl that shakes the very ground the song is built on.  These vocals are so brutal, so powerful they come off as a huge gust of forceful wind as much as they do human sounds. The catchy melody behind it all carries the song full circle, back to the acoustics.

"I'll Meet You When I'm Gone," is sweeping in its burgeoning moments, the atmosphere rising as high as the sky (see what I did there?).  This is a more immediate song, not in terms of speed, but in that there isn't as much of an intro or build to get to the destination.  Whereas the previous track was mostly music, this one focuses more on vocals.  Sergio's growls sound extremely potent here—downright scary actually.  The melodies and instruments go right along with his voice, for a huge all of sound effect.  This song is a towering mountain if there ever was one.

The final track, "Help Me Understand," sees the return of the acoustics. The ending of them and the beginning of the song proper is seamless but the electric heaviness echoes the emotion of the beginning's lighter approach.  The song plays out as one large wave of doom, like dark clouds settling on the horizon.  The double bass signify the crash of thunder of this metal storm.  I think this might be the best song on the album and a shining example of how to do this style of doom.

This EP is an incredible example of the emotional impact that doom metal can provide yet still be beautiful, even if it is tragic in nature. If you're a fan of depressive yet melodic doom, there isn't a reason why this shouldn't be on your radar.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"A Cold Embrace From Life" Track-listing:

1. A Cold Embrace From Life
2. Darkness Arrives
3. I'll Meet You When I'm Gone
4. Help Me Understand

Rise To The Sky Lineup:

Sergio G. - Everything

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