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Rise to Fall

RISE TO FALL was created in 2006 in the Basque Country (Northern Spain), but it […]
By Gareth Beams
November 12, 2018
Rise to Fall - Into Zero album cover

RISE TO FALL was created in 2006 in the Basque Country (Northern Spain), but it was not until 2010 when the band was completely formed. Framed as Melodic Death Metal, the band has more than 120 concerts under its belt. Its first album, 2010's "Restore the Balance", was recorded and mixed in Bilbao's The Rockstudios and mastered by Jacob Hansen. This album caught the attention of the musician and producer Ettore Rigotti (DISARMONIA MUNDI) who launched the album to the international market under the label Coroner Records. With this debut album, RISE TO FALL made a "Sold Out" in the album release show and had the opportunity to share stage with well-known metal bands as AMON AMARTH, THE AGONIST and SCAR SYMMETRY. The band also participated in big festivals as "BBK live", playing with high-level bands as RAMMSTEIN, SLAYER, VOLBEAT and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE. This album allowed the band to tour around Japan having a great success. The video clip of the single "Redrum" had thousands of views in his release week and nowadays it has over 279,000 views. It is in 2012 when the second album, "Defying the Gods", came out. Recorded, mixed and mastered in The Metal House Studios in Italy by Ettore Rigotti, the album was released once again via Coroner Records. After making a "Sold out" one more time in the album release show, RISE TO FALL presented its album nationally playing in venues and big festivals such as "Costa de Fuego" (GUNS N' ROSES, MARYLIN MANSON, IN FLAMES) and "Resurrection Fest" "(TRIVIUM, LAMB OF GOD, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, BAD RELIGION). Also, as a result of positive critics of RISE TO FALL live shows, the band shared stage with well-known bands of the metal scene like ILL NINO, SOILWORK and BIOHAZARD and made a tour around Ukraine and Russia in 2013 and around Sweden in 2014. Its third studio album "End Vs Beginning" was mixed and mastered at Hansen Studios by Jacob Hansen and it was released on June 9 via Coroner Records. After the successful release of the new album in Bilbao, they made 12 shows into China Tour (including Midi Festival) in January 2016 and in April of that year at 10-show Tour in Europe with the Swedish band NIGHTRAGE.

The album is far more melodic than its predecessor: "End vs Beginning", which was laced with great songs like the album title, "End vs Beginning", "The Threshold", and "Rise without Drama". On this album, when you hear "House of Crosses" you may think it's actually IN FLAMES', "The Truth"; the sound is very similar, the tempo is matching and in the chorus, it has the phrase 'The Truth'. This leaves the song feeling very borrowed, and not up to usual standards, which is a little worrying if you recall how much of a change that was to IN FLAMES' back catalogue, but then the very next song, "Virgin Land", kicks into next gear by reuniting the raw approach that we have heard from years of following the band. The slower approach is easy to hear if you've heard the band before, its not drastically slower though, which is a relief nowadays with so many bands bailing out on their usual sound and tempo, too many examples to name. The vocals are clear throughout to follow, which includes a few backing screams, but less than we're used to. There are a few flashes of truly great technical guitar play through the album, allowing full appreciation of the instrumentalist. One of the best things about the band has always been the drumming, in "Temptation Feeds on Our Weaknesses" you can feel the passion burning into the song as it begins, but, it does seem as if it is being held back slightly but it gets this song to let you know what potential the beat has, in this case, less is not more. "Zero Hero" and "Effects of the Terrestrial Syndrome" takes it back to how we're used to hearing RISE TO FALL, more upbeat tempo and raw vocals returning to keep us happy with how the band perform. The overall sound is great, just lacks a bit in places.<

7 / 10









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"Into Zero" Track-listing:

1. The Descendant
2. In the Wrong Hands
3. Acid Drops
4. House of Crosses
5. Virgin Land
6. The Empress
7. Temptation Feeds on Our Weaknesses
8. Zero Hour
9. Effects of the Terrestrial Syndrome
10. Survivor
11. Game of Appearances
12. White Canvas

Rise to Fall Lineup:

Alain "Dalay Tarda" Gutiérrez - Vocals
Dann Hoyos - Guitar
Javier Martin - Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Hugo Markaida - Lead Guitar
Xabier Del Val "Txamo" - Drums

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