Experiment of Existence


RIPPER is a Death/Thrash Metal band based out of Talagante, Chile. Formed in 2007, the […]
Ripper - Experiment of Existence album cover

RIPPER is a Death/Thrash Metal band based out of Talagante, Chile. Formed in 2007, the band released several demos before the first full-length was released in 2014. This album is the band's second, and contains eleven tracks. "Magnetic Solar Storms" leads the assault. It emanates Thrash Metal to me, as far as the speedy riffing and running guitar notes. Though the vocals are closer to Death Metal, they aren't thick enough to match the instruments for me. "Anthropophagic Life" is about cannibalism and the consummation of human flesh. I would once again say that this is Thrash Metal at the core, especially with all of the riff changes that accompany this genre. Take away the vocal style and the case is stronger.
The title track, "Experiment of Existence," is another fast-paced burner, with some nimble rhythm guitar and bass guitar work that displays the bands sharp musicianship and sense of timing. "Anatomy of the Galaxies" is an instrumental that has a pleasing intro, that I wish would have hung around a little longer before the rage of the main riff roars in and pummels you into submission. This song is really well composed, relentless, and I am enjoying the break from the vocals. "The Alpha Orionis" had bass guitar work that gouges chunks from your body and would seriously challenge anything else that you might hear out there. The unanimity of the various parts working together is impressive. "Rotten Dreams" is a three-minute bully with furious shredding, dive bombs and general guitar pyrotechnics. The vocals are perhaps more angered here as well.
Furthering the notion I spoke about earlier, the one-minute "Chromatic Fantasy" is just an impressive bass guitar solo. You don't have a guy who can play like that and not showcase his talents. In "Neuronal Unity," it's all about how tight they can pack together their playing without the train bearing too much speed for the tracks that lie in front of it. If this were any denser it might implode in front of your very eyes. Closing the album is the song with the ultimate statement, "Humanity was Wrong." One thing this band and album does not lack is talent, focus and drive. The tenacious quality of their performance is really strong, and leaves you in wonder of how this can be played at the high level that it is.   


7 / 10









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"Experiment of Existence" Track-listing:

1. Magnetic Solar Storms
2. Anthropophagic Life
3. Experiment of Existence
4. Anatomy of the Galaxies
5. Stellar Evolution
6. The Alpha Orionis
7. Rotten Dreams
8. Chromatic Fantasy
9. Neuronal Unity
10. Spherical Energy
11. Humanity was Wrong

Ripper Lineup:

Pablo Cortes – Bass
Nicolas Villanueva – Drums
Daniel Poblete – Guitars
Venus Torment – Guitars, Vocals

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