Ripped To Shreds

I am excited to be reviewing a band from California's Bay Area, San Jose to […]
By Allen Peters
January 29, 2023
Ripped to Shreds - Jubian album cover

I am excited to be reviewing a band from California's Bay Area, San Jose to be exact. I have never heard of them, but my knowledge doesn't hold any weight to the fact of that being good or bad. I know far from everything about that current scene, but they have been raised in good company, I am optimistic. It is where all of my favorite bands, that we all know and that I don't need to mention here, come from. I will go out on a limb early and say that from the song titles alone, RIPPED TO SHREDS will be making me proud here in a few minutes. It is an early glimpse at their artistic creativity that should translate through their amps, hopefully anyway.

They show up as your standard four piece group, with an Asian flair. That is immediately obvious through the characters that I cannot read beside some of names of the songs. After digging around on their Facebook page, the first thing I see is , Sorry I Am Not From Japan, lol. I'm going with Korean, but don't hold me to it. It doesn't matter anyway, we are all Metal heads and that is what unites us all as one. Let's get it on...

"Violent Compulsion for Conquest" kicks it off in the number one spot. Brutal!!! Out of the gate, they set the stage. Full speed ahead, as fast as they can go, in all categories! These guys can RIP! Especially the guitars, but I can't take anything away from anyone else. The drummer is a madman as well! Damn, I'm excited from the start about this one. Impressive talent is obvious all around.

"Split Apart by Five Chariots" has got to be one of the best song titles ever! If that happens to me, I hope they are jamming this in one of them!  Again, they are setting the mood very well. The tempo mix and guitar work is on point. Another song that is just as good as its name. I can tell you already that I am going to have to catch a show.

The fun continues and they have yet to slow up except to change gears into overdrive. The bass gets its turn at being represented; they are all here in force. The raging vocals are complimenting well, but almost in second place to the music, which is front and center. There is nothing bad about anger, it comes through well vocally, but I would put their musicianship up against anybody. They are world class Metal musicians.

There are not many ten-minute Death Metal songs that I don't want to fast forward through at some point. That's not happening here, they have my full attention and a new place in my Spotify play list and we are not even halfway through.

It is late and I need to go to sleep, but these boys have gone and got me wired up, again, with the next song, "Race Traitor". It is the standard four minutes, but it is a little more complex with a nice mix of speed that I have not heard of yet. I don't need to listen to the rest of this album, I will be up all night. It is a rough job, but I guess somebody has to do it.

The last and shortest song is only forty-niine seconds,  but I have to take the time to write this all down and mention the title which will take me much longer than that.  It is obviously important to them and I appreciate the subtle humor, lol, so I will give them some props. "Scripture Containing the Supreme Internal Energy Arts That Render the Practitioner Invincible Throughout the Martial Realm" wraps up me evening/morning. If I don't see another sunrise, this has been a fine way to go out. Fine job gentleman. I do believe that everyone is going to enjoy "Jubian"! I can't wait to dig in to more on YouTube later today, after a brief nap, to see what is up exactly. They have it going on. Check 'em out!!!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Jubian" Track-listing:

1. Violent Compulsion for Conquest
2. Split Apart by Five Chariots
3. In Solitude - Sun Moon Holy Cult Pt. 3
4. Harmonious Impiety
5. Race Traitor
6. Reek Of Burning Freedom
7. Peregrination To the Unborn Eternal Mother

Ripped To Shreds Lineup:

Andrew Lee - Vocals/Guitar
Ryan - Bass
Brian - Drums
Michael Chavez - Guitars

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