On March 1, 2019 Grimoire Records released the caustic debut EP from Pittsburgh-based outfit RIPARIAN. […]
By Crisstopher Robyn
March 20, 2019
Riparian - Riparian album cover

On March 1, 2019 Grimoire Records released the caustic debut EP from Pittsburgh-based outfit RIPARIAN. Featuring the rhythm section of former outfit WROUGHT IRON, the band packs five tracks of Death into a twenty-five-minute release. Since their formation, RIPARIAN's sound has coalesced into an intense entity, infusing a foundation of classic Death Metal with technical time signature manipulation, a bit of crushing Grindcore brute force, with elements of Doom and dark atmospherics infiltrating the mix.

The first track, "The Nuclear Unclear," begins with blast beats from Nick Tupi and lots of power chords by Dan Martinc and Lou Snyder. They find some melody within the chorus to break up the tumultuous verses. Rob Grisly's vocals call from the depths of Hell giving the song the Death Metal so many enjoy. "Event Horizon of Artificial Existence," the third track, starts off with a righteous sway that makes your head bob and a sneer appear on your face. The intro lets out into that those familiar blast beats again, but there are more tones and different notes that keep you very well interested before you find yourself head bobbing to the sounds of the intro again. The deep vocals keep with the morbid tone of the song as weaves in and out of the addicting musical beginning and the fast pace of the band. The breakdown even transitions very well inside this very strong song. "Consumed By What Is Unknown," the fourth track, gives off a SLAYER vibe. It reminds me of "Seasons in the Abyss" with its lengthy intro, but holds this Egyptian flair that is so familiar. As you begin to wonder if the song will ever begin, RIPARIAN jumps into their familiar blast. Rob Grisly floats his vocals from screams to summoning demons throughout the song. The guitarists throw melody where the song needs, and the drummer continues his assault with the double bass and snare. The song does seem to be missing some tones in the production, but all in all, the song is great as it recalls my younger days of listening to SLAYER.

RIPARIAN are a very good group that hold some hidden talent. The band definitely bring something different to the musical scene although some sounds seem familiar. Fans of GOREROTTED and DEFEATED SANITY would sure love this band. They are a definite group to be followed to see where things move forward. I do wish the guitars' low strings had been turned up just a tad though. It seemed to me as if I was missing notes in some parts, but musically the songs still flowed very well and kept me entertained throughout.

8 / 10









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"Riparian" Track-listing:

1.  The Nuclear Unclear
2.  Cosmic Undulations
3.  Event Horizon Of Artificial Existence
4.  Consumed By What Is Unknown
5.  Metrics Distortion

Riparian Lineup:

Nick Tupi - Drums
Dan Martinc-Guitar
Rob Grisly - Vocals
Lou Snyder - Guitar/Vocals
Brooks - Bass

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