Cold Hearted Woman

Riot Horse

Has it been a fashion to go retro in Rock after producing heavier music for […]
November 9, 2018
Riot Horse - Cold Hearted Woman album cover

Has it been a fashion to go retro in Rock after producing heavier music for so long? It is like a spreading disease, though I wouldn't exactly call it a disease but rather going back to the days of spiritual bliss, the zenith period of Rock music of the 70s. The 70s Classic Rock revival monsoon has been doing a lot in order not to be ignored and several strong names even popped their way into the mainstream. And so came forward another Swedish Rock foundation, comprising of members hailing from the extreme, to form the abdominal RIOT HORSE. Gathering their horses to ride on the desert sands of Scandinavia, the foursome crew are now dishing a sophomore album via Metalville Records, "Cold Hearted Woman".

After going through several 70s oriented releases, some took it far into the deep, even closing in on the late 60s, some adapted the decade into the now with modern Rock, and knew exactly how to remain true to the vintage, keeping the special ethereal sensation of that time phase. RIOT HORSE magnificently incorporated the Rock / Blues / Groove fuse of LED ZEPPELIN, a tinge of the gloom BLACK SABBATH, melodies of THE EAGLES and the stoner / drunken vibe of MOUNTAIN, into a pile of mash that had me inspired to keep on listening, devouring note after note and groove fueled C parts. Nille "Neil" Schüttman came up with a line of chug riffs, associating simplicity in his compositions as a chief element, but knowing how to create an atmospheric feel. Added by tight rhythm section as a backbone, a female backup singer that adds more to the music and lastly a striking frontman that is no less than Chris Cornell resurrected, "Cold Hearted Woman" received a wonderful treatment.

One of the highs of the release is the songwriting. It is damn heterogeneous, its advantage is that it doesn't really focus on a single direction that made its mark in the 70s, it attempts to cradle as much directions as possible, even going into sprites of R&B. Setting a new standard, decisive opener "Cold Hearted Woman", keeping the best for first, destroys with cutting edge ZEPPELIN Rock and Blues, bound to raise memories for the vintage fans of better days. "Moving Out of Town" cleaning the dust off early Southern Rock, gazing upon Country music, but from a long distance, a catchy tune that is a sticker. "Damn Whiskey" drowns in liquer, naturally a groovy Rock bar song, heavy Rock, breaking the chains of the future, heading back to the past with a blast. One has to appreciate the guitar riffs and backup singing work on this number. Heart aching in a BLACK SABBATH way, through the sounds of "Your Love Is Gone", utter Blues outbreak that is rich and deep. Slow motion Hard Rock cruncher in the breezy atmosphere of "Shadow of the Moon", encrusted by an amazing singing performance, softened touches meet punching grooves.

It felt natural, real, honest and with a lot of admiration to a classic era, RIOT HORSE's "Cold Hearted Woman" is one the better shouts in the present. Make yourself at ease and go with it.

8 / 10


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"Cold Hearted Woman" Track-listing:

1. Cold Hearted Woman
2. Moving Out of Town
3. My Only Woman
4. Glad You Came
5. Shadow of the Moon
6. Damn Whiskey
7. Your Love Is Gone
8. Down On Your Knees
9. Feel My Love

Riot Horse Lineup:

Andreas "Adde" Sydow - Vocals
Nille "Neil" Schüttman - Guitar
Jonas Langebro - Drums
Joacim Sandin - Bass

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