Commissioned Works Pt II - Six Drops of Poison

Ring Van Möbius

From Bandcamp, In the spring of 2021, Ring van Möbius was approached by performer and […]
Ring Van Möbius - Commissioned Works Pt II - Six Drops of Poison album cover

From Bandcamp, In the spring of 2021, Ring van Möbius was approached by performer and choreographer Harald Beharie to write the music for his next solo performance. "This album, however, is not the actual soundtrack for the finalized commissioned work itself, rather a reflection of the early visions; spontaneous reactions and a starting point for further collaboration" according to the band, "Being an independent body of work based on our early initial musical ideas, this can be referred to as loosely inspired by, but not limited to, the original concept by Harald Beharie." The album has 12 songs, divided up by chapters, to create a tale.

"The 1st Chapter" is the first track. The opening tones are both delicate and tense at the same time, and it's a while before the main sound of piano and vocals are established. I have to admit, I am not in love with some of the chord progressions, or the overly theatrical sound. "The 2nd Chapter" is a very short one-and-a-half minutes in length. The sound here is mostly keyboards, in layers. Some fat notes hold down the bottom end while the upper registers glitter. This is more like it. "The 3rd Chapter" is lively with old school keyboards and some rousing drums. There is a somewhat loose song structure here, but it is littered with Progressive elements.

"The 5th Chapter" reminds me of QUEEN a bit. It has a sad stamp that is reflected in the emotional vocal performance. "The 6th Chapter" has some unique and psychedelic keys in the beginning that slowly lead to an odd combination of sounds...circus like keys over top a very heavy bottom end. The drums are pretty solid in this song. "The 7th Chapter" is another strange song, with spoken words over some smooth keyboards and bass notes. "The 8th Chapter" has wonderful piano notes, and Ring shows his performance prowess. It comes to a crescendo with string and timpani. "The 9th Chapter" has more of what one would call a traditional song structure. The main melody line comes from keys in the beginning, followed by guitar, bass, and drums in tow.

"The 10th Chapter" has a heavier and darker sound, with vocal wails, and a thick, bottom end. This is just some really odd music, any way you slice it. "The 11th Chapter" has some really nice and melodic keyboard parts to go along with the rousing sound complete with outer space influences. It steadily grows darker. "The 12th Chapter" closes the album, with a magnanimous sound. I like the melody here, and it seems to wrap up the tale well. Overall, although there is no denying his talent, this was a hard album to give a rating to. It's not a "finished album," nor the complete commissioned work. I get that it was full of spontaneous musings, but it just didn't resonate with me much at all.Purchase Link:

5 / 10









"Commissioned Works Pt II - Six Drops of Poison" Track-listing:

1. The 1st Chapter: Elements, including a) In Awe, b) The Portrait
2. The 2nd Chapter: The Fire (pt I)
3. The 3rd Chapter: Moments and Movements, including a) The Questioning, b) Circles & Crosses, c) The Drifting (pt I)
4. The 4th Chapter: Through Oceans of Glass
5. The 5th Chapter: When Man Becomes Wolf
6. The 6th Chapter: Hex
7. The 7th Chapter: An Ending, including a) The Transfer, b) The Knife
8. The 8th Chapter: A Darker Poison, including a) The Dawn, b) Colossal
9. The 9th Chapter: The Echoes, including a) The Drifting (pt II), b) Directions
10. The 10th Chapter: Paradoxal Fate, including a) The Eyes, b) The Drifting (pt III), c) The Cosmic Hour
11. The 11th Chapter: The Nine, including a) The Fire (pt II), b) A Nonagon in Eight
12. The 12th Chapter: The Conclusion, including a) Astray, b) The Finale

Ring Van Möbius Lineup:

Ring Van Möbius

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