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RING OF GYGES is a Progressive Rock/Metal band formed in Iceland in 2013. Following their […]
Ring of Gyges - Metamorphosis album cover

RING OF GYGES is a Progressive Rock/Metal band formed in Iceland in 2013. Following their debut full-length in 2017, they are back six years later with "Metamorphosis." The album has eleven songs. "Dragonflies" is the first. The opening tones are both heavy and melodic, and the vocals are smooth and catchy. The chorus is rich and full, with positive tones, and Progressive elements are just enough to notice, but the band puts their emphasis on songwriting rather than technical skills, which are still there. "Cabin Fever" is a shorter, more playful song, and the guitars chug in with heavy accents while the vocals remain ethereal. The lead guitar work is fantastic, as are the drum fills.

"Nautilus" is a heavier and more technical song, with the first introduction of some harsh vocals. The meter shifts are subtle but indicate a dexterous approach to songwriting. The song wrestles with tones of hope and tones of anger, making the positive tones shine more for me. Technical elements come through stronger in "Go," but the music is very catchy. Listen to the guitar and bass work here...these guys are wizards at their instruments. "The Choice" is a shorter song, with dreamy and atmospheric elements. The chorus is packed with emotion, as the song rises to meet it and then retreats again. Seguing into "Holy Water," the charming sound continues, though a bit sad. The moody but smooth laments will tug on your heart a bit. "Parasite" begins with a rough edged lead that is repeated in a mesmerizing way. The vocals stay under the radar for the most part, as heavy guitars come chugging in with layers.

"Fading" sounds just as the title sounds...a pensive and depressive number with dejected vocals and bass and keyboard led melodies. The vocal harmonies are wonderful, and the message of resolve is there. "The Face of God" is an 11-minute opus. Heavy, chugging accents lead to more atmospheric and pretty tones, but a tension hangs in the air. The song moves forward with both rigid tones and ones that are much more expansive and catchy. The changes are at times subtle and other times bossy, but they retain the melody of the song. "Sea Legs" is a wide-open and charming melody, and...ahhh...I needed this. Catchy tones and hooks can be heard in this song. "Find Me Here" closes the album. The tale is culminated with hopeful tones and the message to keep going, and the music is very charming.

Overall, this was a pleasing album from a band that I have not heard before. The Progressive elements are there but do not take over the sound. Instead, the band puts more focus on the songwriting. The vocalist has an excellent voice, and the musicians are top notch. The album lingered just a bit for me in terms of the number of songs and length, however, but this was still a great release.

8 / 10









"Metamorphosis" Track-listing:

1. Dragonflies
2. Cabin Fever
3. Nautilus
4. Go
5. The Choice
6. Holy Water
7. Parasite
8. Fading
9. The Face of God
10. Sea Legs
11. Find Me Here

Ring of Gyges Lineup:

Þorsteinn Ýmir Ásgeirsson - Bass
Einar Merlin Cortes - Drums
Guðjón Sveinsson - Guitars
Gísli Þór Ingólfsson - Keyboards
Helgi Jónsson - Vocals, Guitars

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