Eagle Flight

Revolution Saints

"Eagle Flight" is the official first album of REVOLUTION SAINTS MKII.  It is the 4th […]
July 2, 2023
Revolution Saints - Eagle Flight album cover

"Eagle Flight" is the official first album of REVOLUTION SAINTS MKII.  It is the 4th album from this band that was put together to showcase the supremely talented Deen Castronovo from JOURNEY, BAD ENGLISH and THE DEAD DAISEYS. Known as a drumming powerhouse, the man has an amazing set of pipes too, as I had the pleasure to witness with THE DEAD DAISEYS live.  The first three records also features NIGHT RANGER's Jack Blades and Doug Aldrich ex 0f WHITESNAKE and DIO. For "Eagle Flight" however he is joined by Joel Hoekstra another ex WHITESNAKE man, who is also in another "supergroup" ICONIC and Joel Hoekstra's 13, and Jeff Pilson of DOKKEN fame and currently FORIEGNER, oh! and DIO.  You get the idea of the caliber of the musicians we have at work here.

And what we have here is yet another fine Frontiers Music release, of the highest sonic qualities, produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio who also covers keys and backing vocals, as he did with the other releases, giving the record the SAINTS sound.  It is a very good record, it is slick, well produced and musically brilliant, as you would expect, but occasionally comes across too polished and lacks a little bit of soul, which is a shame because Deen's honied vocals could be really soulful.

Best songs for me are "Crime Of The Century", a hooky upbeat number. "I'll Cry For You Tonight", because I'm a sucker for a syrupy ballad. "Save It All", the rockier last song and another rockier number "Kids Will Be Kids", because I love the solo in it. "Set Yourself Free" punches along with its life-affirming lyrics.  "Talking Like Strangers" works for me too, a very JOURNEY-like song.

There is not a "bad" song here, title track and opener "Eagle Flight" is a great example of being a bit too polished, and ultimately a bit flat, which is a pity, because it should be perfect, actually it is a little too perfect.

I really, really wanted to love this album and I don't quite. Yes six out of the 10 songs do it for me, and the other 4 nearly do, but I would skip them to get to the one I do love.

Arrrgggg!!!!, this really leaves me conflicted as a reviewer and a music fan, these are some stellar musicians, all involved in some of my favorite bands, and this is a good set of songs, but it should be stellar, and that makes me a little sad.  This probably makes the overall rating look a little skewed, but I think it is a fair indication.

8 / 10









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"Eagle Flight" Track-listing:

1. Eagle Flight
2. Talking Like Strangers
3. Need Each Other
4. Kids Will Be Kids
5. I'll Cry For You Tonight
6. Crime Of The Century
7. Set Yourself Free
8. Sacred
9. Once More
10. Save It All

Revolution Saints Lineup:

Deen Castronovo - lead vocals, drums
Joel Hoekstra - guitars
Jeff Pilson - bass
Contributions from:
Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards, backing vocals, production

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