The Outer Ones


Formed in 2008 out of Boston, Massachusetts comes Death Metal kings REVOCATION. Their latest release […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
October 7, 2018
Revocation - The Outer Ones album cover

Formed in 2008 out of Boston, Massachusetts comes Death Metal kings REVOCATION. Their latest release "The Outer Ones" has easily taken the place as my favorite by the band. This Tech Death band is one of the best out right now and if you haven't heard them I feel bad for you, so lets remedy this today!

Up first is the track "Of Unworldly Origin" and right off the bat it gives you a glimpse into the next forty eight minutes of your listening pleasure. Immediately starts off with the almighty Death Metal "Burp" so you already know it is gonna be fan-fucking-tastic! I don't know how to put into words how gorgeous they make Death Metal. All of it from David Davidson and Dan Gargiulo on vocals and Guitars to Brett Bamberger on Bass and Ash Pearson on drums is utterly immaculate.

I could just go on for days why REVOCATION is the future of Metal but I am here to talk about tracks! The second track is "That Which Consumes All Things" which is amazing with its tempo changes and time signatures. I would probably steer clear of the pit during this one honestly. Halfway through the song it just gets nasty! At number three we have "Blood Atonement" and this song is like one long but swift kick in the ass! I am pretty sure my eyes were rolled in the back of my head during the whole song. And just wait til a little over halfway through the song, Prepare yourself for an eargasm.

"Fathomless Catacombs" has a jazz feel to it in the beginning in my opinion. This one is absolutely one of my favorites. And it really shows how diverse the band can be. The song "The Outer Ones" is by far one of the top three best songs ever written by REVOCATION as far as I am concerned. It makes me want to just release all the rage I have pent up for years. And the Solo on this one is just fucking beautiful. If you can only buy one song this should be it. "Vanitas" is another great song on this album of Death Metal Perfection. I don't believe this album has a bad song period!

For those of you that are really into instrumentals then I recommend the song "Ex Nihilo". If any of the famous composers of old were alive today this is what they would be writing. The only difference between Classical and Metal is they didn't have electricity yet. This four and a half minute song will leave you begging for more. REVOCATION is one of the few bands that if they put out an all instrumental album, I would buy it instantly.

The second to last track "Luciferous" continues blessing our ears with unadulterated Tech Death. It feels a little slower than most of the other tracks at first but you would be mistaken to believe that it isn't gonna pick up. If you were looking for easy going laid back Death Metal you came to the wrong place.

And as for the final song "A Starless Darkness" this is the longest song on "The Outer Ones". This Seven minute long song is a phenomenal way to end this wondrous album. Every single second of this song is something bands should really look up to because this is how you fucking do it! REVOCATION is hands down one of my favorite bands and this album has solidified that spot for a great time to come.

10 / 10









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"The Outer Ones" Track-listing:

1. Of Unworldly Origin
2. That Which Consumes All Things
3. Blood Atonement
4. Fathomless Catacombs
5. The Outer Ones
6. Vanitas
7. Ex Nihilo
8. Luciferous
9. A Starless Darkness

Revocation Lineup:

David Davidson - Guitars/Vocals
Dan Gargiulo - Guitars/Vocals
Brett Bamberger - Bass
Ash Pearson - Drums

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