A Thousand Lives


REVIVER is back! After 17 years of silence, the band is back with their second […]
By Sarah Tijan
May 2, 2022
Reviver - A Thousand Lives album cover

REVIVER is back! After 17 years of silence, the band is back with their second release - A Thousand Lives, original lineup and all. Following up to their self-titled release, the band took time off due to differences. Through that time, old wounds were healed and the band came back with a vengeance, bringing us their heavy metal and progressive sound once again.

An album five years in the making, takes off where the first album left off, with the track "Kill the King" remaining true to their roots, the track is filled with heavy fast guitar playing and vocals that do the Progressive rock genre justice.  The feeling of pride is clear and strong, as are the powerful drums played by Tom Van Veenhuijzen, REVIVER is back and have no intention to disappoint.

The shredding on the title track "A Thousand Lives" comes at you no prisoner style leaving you hungry for more, before you know it, the lyrics hit you like a train nonstop with the high screams and all, this track solidifies REVIVER and their style of NWOBHM, although far from being British, they prove they are no stranger to the sound.

"Hands of the USA" is a pulverizer of heavy, yet tosses the curveball of anthem to the track, creating an intense and solid metal track that is catchy and worthy of a listen at 11. The chorus catches you, and hangs on, not letting the guitar masterminds Tom Heemskerk and Fred Mantel overpower the track, Patrick van Maurik holds your attention in the palm of his hands while the track wages war, making the track the heaviest on the album.

The most drastic change in style on the album, has to go to "You Belong to Me", a ballad of sorts, its softer and more sorrowful than the other tracks and breaks up the hard-hitting sound that makes up the other nine tracks on the album, giving the senses and soothing break. The smooth vocals match the writing of this track, begging you to breath and hold your love close, whatever that is, while remaining true to their progressive sound, the track shows a softer side of the band.

REVIVER takes you on a journey of metal experiences, "Shelter From the Sorrow" being no different, paying homage to the metal before them, this track easily could be a throwback or tribute to any one of their inspirations that came before them, steady and upbeat, with the classic metal sound, the pace is solid and charges full speed ahead as only REVIVER delivers, not aggressive in the sense of painful, aggressive in the sense that its heavy metal done right.

"Tell Me"  rounds out the album, yet another turn in their style, darker and heavy, setting a mood of madness, that isn't heard or felt on any other track on the album, the pace and tone change throughout, remaining dark, thrashing at the senses with heavy guitar riffs and masterful drum speed, it's a perfect end point for the album, fulfilling the senses with everything REVIVER has to offer, each piece of the track is unique and demanding while blending together to create a sense of difference, it works well with the rest of the tracks on the album.

17 years seems like a lifetime to wait for a follow-up to a release, yet those 17 years didn't destroy the band, those 17 years made them stronger, evolving with the times, experiences and growth, A Thousand Lives may have been lived, these songs keep those memories alive, lessons learned and create 46 minutes of solitude within the tracks. Each track sounding different from the previous, making each unique and stand alone, together an eruption of sound, style and musicianship that only can be described as meant to be, those 17 years between albums for REVIVER was the exact amount of time necessary to release an exceptional follow up of Progressive rock and Heavy metal glory.

8 / 10









"A Thousand Lives" Track-listing:

1. Kill The King
2. A Thousand Lives
3. The Fearless
4. Hands Of The USA
5. You Belong To Me
6. Our Voice
7. Shelter From Sorrow
8. Into The Tomb
9. Prisoner Of Faith
10. Tell Me

Reviver Lineup:

Patrick van Maurik - Vocals
Tom Heemskerk - Guitar
Fred Mantel - Guitar
Stefan Brederode - Bass
Tom van Veenhuijzen - Drums

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