Sputter The Worms


"Sputter The Worms" is a gritty new thirteen track album by REVERTED, a quality Rock […]
By Ray Burrows
May 14, 2014
Reverted - Sputter The Worms album cover

"Sputter The Worms" is a gritty new thirteen track album by REVERTED, a quality Rock / Metal band from London, UK. These guys have taken the old school sounds of Anthrax and they coated those sounds with the style of THE OFFSPRING, and even some TOOL as well.

You will definitely get that feeling of old school Metal mixed with a little new school Rock as you progress through the tracks, the vocals are very gritty and they sound quite clear when it comes to this style of music. One thing that I feel when I listen to "Sputter The Worms" is that the music should really appeal to the younger generation of Punk skater kids, not that the music is immature by any means, but I can easily envision a bunch of cool school kids jamming to REVERTED as they do their tricks in a skate park, it is really fun music for the younger generation!

Now no worries because "Sputter The Worms" will still very much appeal to those old cats to that like the more Grunge / Punk genres, but there is more Metal here than any other Genre so basically "Sputter The Worms" is a release that should appeal to a large audience, as long as the word  spreads wider for REVERTED.

Overall "Sputter The Worms" has some very unique and quality songs much unlike a lot of music created in the past ten years or so! REVERTED has truly found a new artful style of music meant for the new age, and these guys are not followers, they are leaders and they go their own way! It would be cool to hear more music of this style by new upcoming bands, it is always impressive to hear music unlike most other music heard in the past, I look forward to more from whose album "Sputter The Worms" gets a slimy

7 / 10


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"Sputter The Worms" Track-listing:

1. Sputter the worms
2. Magledonia
3. Don't try to steal from me the inside
4. Dispose of heartaches
5. Die my saint
6. Pulse
7. Tolerance
8. Stained soul
9. Insanity
10. Forsaken
11. Stairs of guilt
12. Time
13. Bummer

Reverted Lineup:

Tony Vega- Vocals
Luis L  Valle - Bass
Danny Ruiz - Guitars
Ozzy Preciado - Drums

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