Death Is Glory...Now

Reverend Bizarre

This double disc compilation is the final chapter of REVEREND BIZARRE. It was announced few […]
By Yiannis Doukas
February 10, 2009
Reverend Bizarre - Death Is Glory...Now album cover

This double disc compilation is the final chapter of REVEREND BIZARRE. It was announced few years ago, many waited for it patiently mainly 'cause it's not an ordinary best - of, that would be meaningless, but some songs that revealed in previous 'hard to find' obscure pieces of their disc-ology. Their maniac funs probably will already have the majority of these songs but even for them the idea of collecting all of that stuff is a good idea especially if it will be combined with the fact that this is their last - so far - album. Ok, let's start of what you will come across here with a little time traveling.
The first song is one of the best you will hear inside; the most serious I would dare to say having not only well written music but also lyrics that will tear apart your soul in many ways. Demons Annoying Me was released as mini cd around 2003 including this track only in its full length time that is about 18 minutes. That cd - r was spread in their You Shall Suffer! tour and it had the same name plus it was limited to less than 50 copies. Of course as you can imagine it was more than rare to be found anywhere, most of us had that piece in the split 12 with ORODRUIN released in the beginning of 2004, limited to 500 copies, not having the last three minutes 'cause of the format. So, except of being really exciting finally hearing all of this song for the first time after the tenth minute you will realize what was inside Albert's mind relative to THE PURITAN's music.
Blood On Satan's Claw is the most 'metal' one in band's history. Starting from MERCYFULL FATE's vocal style to CELTIC FROST and their inspirations like CIRITH UNGOL this songs differs and is also one of the most sweat exploding in their catalogue specially in the last minute that will find you screaming together with the band. Sure, one of my favorite I hope you will enjoy it if you haven't listen it yet. Released in the middle of 2003 by the Metal Coven records as a 7 split together with RITUAL STEEL, limited in 500 copies.
One other killer release was the split with the Doom masters MINOTAURI. Except of the bombastic covers, great work really, it's the only time that REVEREND BIZARRE lose the hypothetic competition with the other band since the MINOTAURI side had the ULTIMATE hymn Black (Magic) Triangle maybe their best song ever. Obey!!! Ok, you will find here the Apocalyptic Riders a strange semi - instrumental song, good enough including some declamations by Patrick Walker making it more interesting.
In May of 2006 the Norway's label Aftermath Music spread through the underground one of the best, if not the best in my opinion, 7 of the Finnish Doomsters. Thulsa Doom except of being something like a tribute to the first Conan had some deep lyrics, I can say a little bit metaphoric but also two unbelievable masterpieces. The vocals are perfect, the feel majestic, epic, dark and both songs, The Tree Of Suffering and The Children Of Doom are perfect paradigms of how Doom should be.
The disc one ends with a strange, for REVEREND BIZARRE song, although it keeps their basic music standards, being something like obscure fast Doom track with an evil lead in its last seconds. Unique is also the last original song they composed, From The Void II, no it's not the same with the first part although you will meet some special drumming inside but not in its extension as in the previous of Harbinger Of Metal. Qualified by some 'once again' nice riffs, vocalic patterns that are used for first time reminding some of the Teutonic Witch for its parts pastiche. Needless to say or mention anything about its quality, we are talking about REVEREND BIZARRE. Originally released as a split with RATTO JA LEHTISALO 12 in the summer of 2008 via Ektro Records.
The rest of the songs are covers, and thinking about what they had achieved with Dunkelheit and how they transformed the original the anticipation for something same is high. Dark World from ST VITUS looks like obvious choice since the influences are not hidden in their own songs. The same goes for the Broken Vows, one of my favorites PENTAGRAM pieces. They follow the same patterns, but are played with such passion that will win you. The first one released together with the great cover of The Deceiver by Primitive Reaction the previous year limited to 500 copies. I guess it can be found out somewhere, it's worth having that in your collection. The ST VITUS one may be known to you from the Slice Of Doom album.
The last three covers are the most court musical intrigue. MR VELCRO FASTENER is a high quality Finnish electro band, think something like close to the German legends KRAFTWERK and you're in. The paradox is that they recorded a version of Doom Over The World, as a tribute to REVEREND BIZARRE and the last done the same to Bend transforming it to a Doom holocaust. All these can be found in their split 12, again limited in 888 copies, a jewel in all points of view, check the cover for example. Rotestilaulu is a cover to Simo Salminen, I don't know anything about him, probably means a lot to Finland but the song is good and maybe the foreign language remind you something of KLV.
Last but not least the best one. I will not say anything about BEHERIT or for the original, just keep in mind that they were THE BEST Black horde from the ten thousands lake land. Here, the mayhemic feeling has reached the ultimate; it keeps Satan inside becoming a nightmare in the end. For this and only the buying of Death Is Grory…Now is must. It was previously used in the bands side for the Rise Above split 12 with the doomed ELECTRIC WIZARD and, shit, I'm listening this shit right now and I am chicken foot to the core.
The tomb is foul, REVEREND BIZARRE gave birth to several other things that you can listen, check them for yourselves. Two obscure rusty gates to the unknown came to our planet as 12 become a full - length cd and the 'stuck to your mind' powerfull voice of Christian Lindersson met the inverted guitars of Peter that led to Fear No Pain, must for any serious Doom friend. Lastly, REVEREND BIZARRE was the greatest thing that happened to this genre for the zero decade. This, I hope describes everything.  

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Death Is Glory...Now" Track-listing:

Disc 1

Demons Annoying Me
Blood On Satan's Claw
Apocalyptic Riders
The Tree Of Suffering
The Children Of Doom
Odinn's Men

Disc 2

From The Void II
Dark World
Broken Vows
The Gate Of Nanna

Reverend Bizarre Lineup:

Sir Albert Witchfinder - Bass, Vocals
Father Peter Vicar - Guitars
Monsieur Earl Of Void - Drums

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