Attack Blood Revenge (Reissue)


This is a reissue of REVENGE's original debut demo released two decades ago along with […]
January 6, 2021
Revenge - Attack Blood Revenge (Reissue) album cover

This is a reissue of REVENGE's original debut demo released two decades ago along with four bonus tracks.  Categorized as Chaotic Black Metal, this represents the fiery militant wing of NABM.  As such, it is an exciting proposition, certainly in lieu of the current political climate, to explore this ravenous display of fierce, rabid Black Metal.

The EP opens with "Yabssor Born - Blood of My Blood," a relentless war cry.   Emphasized with a mega-distorted bass in lockstep with the militarized drumming.  This is far from the pretty atmospheric Black Metal that is popular as of late.  Think BLASPHEMY, another Canadian perpetrator of intense, battle-hardened War Metal.  Pure chaos is thus unleashed.

"Vengeance Absolute" is the second track, launched into fruition with a dirty bass line along with unearthly, inhuman utterances, the sound of some angry vengeful spirit invoked whilst conjuring this dark hymn.  Amid the chaos, one can follow the movement of the chords as the drummer flies through battering relentlessly on the snare.  There is an ugly intensity fueling this milieu which comes to a head in the REVENGE-flavored breakdown in the later part of the song.  A unique, pointed ending caps things off with brilliant intensity.

Listening to this does bring one back to the rush of two decades ago.  In those days, NABM simply was not receiving the same respect paid to its European counterparts.  Thus, bands employed a darkly nihilistic ethos exemplified by this demo along with legends such as JUDAS ISCARIOT and BLACK WITCHERY.  Bloodthirsty and fueled with rage-filled adrenaline, bands like REVENGE set a new standard for War Metal that special niche in the NABM scene.  Ultimately, the production offers a similar experience to listening to old school Grindcore, even landmark records by bands as disparate as ANAL CUNT and NAPALM DEATH.  The most insanely vicious CARNIVORE tracks like "Inner Conflict" and "Jesus Hitler" definitely planted a seed that grew over time into the reaction known as REVENGE.  That's my two cents at least.

As previously mentioned, this is not for the faint of heart.  Relentless from beginning to end, "Attack Blood Revenge" is a mission statement, a declaration of war.  The third track, appropriate titled "War," reflects this feeling as does tracks like the fifth, "Blood Division".  The import of this record cannot be stressed enough though it is only a small segment of Extreme Metal fans who can truly get into this.

6 / 10

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"Attack Blood Revenge (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Yabssor Born - Blood of My Blood
2. Vengeance Absolute
3. War
4. Annihilate or Serve
5. Blood Division
6. Superion Revenge
7. Deathless Will
8. Lamb

Revenge Lineup:

Vermin- Guitars, Bass, Vocals
J. Read - Drums, Vocals

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