For The Sake Of No One


REVELATION is one of the American underground Doom Metal bands that need no introduction. Formed […]
By Maria Voutiriadou
January 23, 2010
Revelation - For The Sake Of No One album cover

REVELATION is one of the American underground Doom Metal bands that need no introduction. Formed in the late 80s', having Baltimore, Maryland as nativity, this trio has already released five albums, full of psych low tempo, colorful despair and sonorous monolithic riffs which gave them salience in the set of the underground Doom Metal. The characteristic progressive melodies and the successful blend of Iommi's and Lifeson's elements are their main trademark; so, the forthcoming REVELATION record is only good news. Besides that, there is no space for regret beside their name.

And this way the story goes till today when Mr. Brennen and the boys decided to release their sixth album called "For The Sake Of No One" after last year's "Release"; this is another one worthy effort (like they always do) and contains seven tracks which are, without doubt, a joyful light in daily life of every doomster. The opening "A Matter Of Days" seeds SABBATH-esque riffs revealing the record's ID from the very beginning, while the whole continuity fluctuates in more RUSH steps. A glaring example is the epicus "Canyons" - and I say 'epicus' due to the time duration clocking to 9 minutes. "Vigil" also has a psychedelic hue, mostly during the choruses while the self-titled track stamped by a sticking and scanty motion ends perfectly "For The Sake Of No One" through its 45 minutes.

But here lies the absolute double strike: REVELATION's "...Yet So Far" is being re-released from the same label and so gives the opportunity to many friends of the band to acquire it, unless they already have it in their collection. "...Yet So Far" is one of the most popular works of REVELATION and Doom releases, in general, amongst others of 1995. Both albums, "...Yet So Far" and "For The Sake Of No One", are necessary for your doomy, dark and gloomy CD catalogue, if you are a friend to this genre. You can't do different; "stay doom or be doomed", as another friendly and lovely American group used to have as a signature. I am sure REVELATION's name will be a guarantee among all countless doom releases that still search for an identity.

PS: The presence of a mourner at the cover artwork is by no means accidental.

7 / 10


"For The Sake Of No One" Track-listing:
  1. A Matter Of Days
  2. Offset
  3. Canyons
  4. On The Promontory
  5. The Whisper Stream
  6. Vigil
  7. For The Sake Of No One
Revelation Lineup:

John Brenner - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Branagan - Drums
Bert Hall, Jr. - Bass

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