Time Will Reveal

Revealing The Conscience

REVEALING THE CONSCIENCE play a mix of Melodic Death, Power and Black Metal and they […]
By Paulomaniaco
April 28, 2015
Revealing The Conscience - Time Will Reveal album cover

REVEALING THE CONSCIENCE play a mix of Melodic Death, Power and Black Metal and they were formed in 2011 in Slovakia, and surely their cold climate reflects in their music quite well, depressing and dark.

On this debut release called "Time Will Reveal", they've managed to incorporate touches of their culture and also adding a classic touch to it; the use of the keyboards was a very good idea indeed, thus creating a mystic and medieval atmosphere. First track "Haunted" is a very neat intro, the calm before the storm until the "Hellbender" takes control with melodic guitars and harsh vocals; a perfect mix. Lovers of AMON AMARTH will like this album and Odin will prevail; excellent solos and perfect pace, "The Damned" again the vocals do a great job, the song starts off slowly and then picks up, lots of variations and awesome guitars, very technical musicians and the result is a great effort indeed, and if you were "Waiting For Salvation", well guess what? There is no salvation, only mayhem and REVEALING THE CONSCIENCE are doing just that; another killer track coming from the depths of hell and there will be no "Struggling Within" sharp guitars and the orchestra of death prevails, another classic song from these Slovakian brothers, very deep and aggressive and the chorus are just great and the keys add another dimension to the song.

"Withered Roses" a slower and more depressing approach in here, dark and heavy with nice passages and excellent melodies, "Passed Through Wonderland" amazing arrangements and quite intense song with tones of variations and tempo changes, the vocals are amazing too, I like it a lot, REAVELING THE CONSCIENCE have managed to giving us an excellent album and this is only a debut album. It has its own style and it has a fresh sounding and it is totally killer, all songs are excellent equally, an amazing job by these very skilled musicians from Slovakia, the production is top notch and artwork also very good, music to cheer up the soul!<

10 / 10


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"Time Will Reveal" Track-listing:

1. Haunted (Intro)
2. Hellbender
3. The Damned
4. Waiting For Salvation
5. Struggling Within
6. Withered Roses
7. Passed Through Wonderland
8. Farewell
9. The Breakdown
10. Mess Up
11. God And Satan

Revealing The Conscience Lineup:

Maros Lahucky - Drums
Simon Lasak - Guitars
Oskar Szoke - Guitars
Juraj Skacan - Keyboards
Dodes Zaujec - Vocals
David Lahucky - Bass

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