Resolution 13

From Bandcamp, "While "Colossal," that was released in 2015 told the story of the escape […]
Resolution 13 - Derelict album cover

From Bandcamp, "While "Colossal," that was released in 2015 told the story of the escape form the intergalactic prison planet called "Resolution 13", "Derelict" continues the story and this time the prisoners crash land and have to figure out a way out of this situation. The story is set by the first song "Out and Alone", in which one of the characters loses lifeline and without any further air and hope, nor anything to grab flying into deeper space."

The album has ten songs. "Out and Alone" is first. The opening tones are electronic followed by a heavy bottom end with harsh vocals that are almost rapped. They have me until the cleans in the chorus. They aren't bad mind you, but they take away from the aggression. "We Don't Fall" also beings a heavy electronic presence, along with some melody. The Alternative sound comes mostly in the vocals, which again, have a rapped cadence. The cleans are better this time around. "T-13" has a spoken word entrance, and again they are rapped. I for one have never been a fan of this crossover. These are two styles of music that should just never be mixed together.

"War Machine" has a raucous and energetic sound. I love the electronics, but again, hate the cadence of the vocals. I understand why Nu Metal (or "Modern" Metal) came around when it did, but for me, it was a fad that didn't and shouldn't have lasted. "Messiah" is another heavy song with a synth background but those vocals are really ruining the listening experience for me. "Refuge" is a song where the mix of rap works better for me. The groove is right on, and the rapping is kept to a minimum...that's probably why it works.

"Evil Twin" also works better. The music is powerful, and commanding, and again, the rapping is kept to a minimum. "Lost Keys" closes the album. I am surprised at the tender sound here, but it is genuine, and honest. A few more of these might help to round out their sound. The good news? The cover art is fantastic, and a lot of the album has potential. The vocalist is quite versatile, and his harsh vocals are excellent. The band is also talented, and the album has excellent production. But I just can't stomach the way the vocals are sung, and that's it for me.

5 / 10









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"Derelict" Track-listing:

1. Out and Alone
2. Dead Galaxy
3. We Don't Fall
4. T-13
5. War Machine
6. Messiah
7. My Precious Star
8. Refuge
9. Evil Twin
10. Lost Keys

Resolution 13 Lineup:

Hardtone - Vocals
Dallas 13 - Drums
I.T. - Bass
Gabor - Guitar

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