The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence

Reptilian Death

India is the second most populated country on the planet, certainly known with the Taj […]
By Yassine "SpiritCrusher" Mankai
November 28, 2013
Reptilian Death - The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence album cover

India is the second most populated country on the planet, certainly known with the Taj Mahal or Bollywood but not with extreme music. But thanks to some musicians and a good number of bands, we can say that Metal could exist and survive in spite of all.

Among the projects that have made noise inside and outside of India is REPTILIAN DEATH, this Death Metal band from the city of Mumbai, has just released its second studio album "The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence". The project is originally formed with The Demonstealer as a one man band in 2001, with a style that revolves around Death / Grind Metal but with a humorous concept. The new album is in this context but certainly more brutal and malicious. If I make a comparison as a benchmark of style of REPTILIAN DEATH, I mention probably KATAKLYSM in there the first albums with the spirit of NILE.

The production is very solid, which allowed me to enjoy all the heavy moments of this album. Without falling into a vicious circle, this band was able to give each piece a good dose of brutality, which shows a relatively advanced musical maturity. Thanks to The Demonstealer, the brain master who ensures his work at the voice and guitars with a brilliant level. We can find in all the pieces a variety of arrangements and riffs, sometimes with a few small oriental melodies that marks certain songs. What also struck me is the solo on the last track "Emergence - The World Your Playground", some sweep picking well controlled to end with this album with the best of ways.

It is a successful album on all levels, musicianship, production and art work. An album that can be a pure feast for fans of direct and spicy Death Metal with tastes of the Orient. Grab your copy now!

8 / 10


"The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence" Track-listing:

1. Primevil
2. Inchoate
3. Stimulate, Hike, Impel, Tear
4. Soaked with the Imperfections of Puerile Blood
5. Emerge, Hatred, Emerge
6. Distorted by Bondage, Blood and Bestiality
7. Unnervingly Perverted at the Altar
8. Patchwork and the Art of Skinning
9. O
10. Now You Graze upon Me
11. Marvelous Gods - The Apple of My Eye
12. Emergence - The World, Your Playground

Reptilian Death Lineup:

The Demonstealer - Drums, Guitars, Vocals
Ashwin Shriyan - Bass
Vinay Venkatesh - Vocals

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