Solar Storm

Rendezvous Point

RENDEZVOUS POINT is a Melodic Progressive Metal band based out of Olso, Norway, formed in […]
Rendezvous Point - Solar Storm album cover

RENDEZVOUS POINT is a Melodic Progressive Metal band based out of Olso, Norway, formed in 2010. "Solar Storm" contains seven tracks. "Through the Solar Storm" is the opening song. The main riff is assertive but moody. There is something fairly unique about the sound of Prog bands from Norway and this is no exception. They build a suspenseful atmosphere as well, by dropping off some of the instrumentation in favor of percussive passages and tentative vocals. "Wasteland" is another emotional piece that toggles between the light and the dark by chord changes that occur in minor and major keys. Lyrically it deals with the beauty of the earth and the mark of damage that than man has made.

From here the next three tracks get progressively longer. "Para" is over six minutes. Here we have some more Prog elements joining the fold, with some additional sounds and a challenging meter. It stays on the darker side of the genre but it beautifully done, like a melancholy sadness that somehow doesn't upset you. The instrumental passage that brings the song to conclusion is simply splendid. Piano is used perfectly. "The Hunger" is next, at over seven minutes. It's another moody piece but does not lose any spirit. The background spoken words paint a picture of chaos amidst the smooth melodies of the music. It turns really dark towards the end with a great keyboard solo. "Mirrors" is next, at over ten minutes. It has a slow build where guitar notes and vocal notes are done in unison, crafting a dreamy sound. There is a very solid bottom end holding the song together that comes from seasoned songwriting and an advanced grasp of musical complexities. Simply wonderful!

"The Conclusion, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2" close the album. The first movement features soaring vocals over a featherbed of keys and rock solid guitar and bass strikes. The second is slower to take shape, gradually hearing a little more and more sound joining the fold. The low harmonic vocal passages give it that ethereal effect that is so strong in this genre. When it is done right as it is here, it is sublime. For the final third of the song, it crescendos into a heavy Djent two-note guitar riff that jumps exactly one octave up and then back. Overall, I really like what I hear on "Solar Storm." It's hard not to compare them to the great Progressive bands of Norway, like PAGAN'S MIND, CIRCUS MAXIMUS, WITHEM, and DGM, to name a few. If you do, you will be pleased with how well this album holds up with these giants. But, make no mistake that they are not a carbon copy of said bands either. They have their own sound, shrouded in mysterious tones and suspenseful bliss.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Solar Storm" Track-listing:

1. Through the Solar Storm
2. Wasteland
3. Para
4. The Hunger
5. Mirrors
6. The Conclusion Pt. 1
7. The Conclusion Pt. 2

Rendezvous Point Lineup:

Geirmund Hansen - Vocals
Nicolay Tangen Svennaes - Keys
Petter Hallaraker - Guitar
Gunn-Hilde Erstad - Bass
Baard Kolstad - Drums

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