Rembrandt of Clocks

REMBRANDT OF CLOCKS is a Progressive/Alternative Rock/Metal band hailing from Scotland. "Metamorphosis" is their latest […]
By Dave "That Meta Guy" Campbell
July 29, 2023
Rembrandt of Clocks - Metamorphosis album cover

REMBRANDT OF CLOCKS is a Progressive/Alternative Rock/Metal band hailing from Scotland. "Metamorphosis" is their latest release, and it has six songs. "From the Shards" is the first. The opening tones are low and heavy, while the rhythm guitars chug away with audible bass. The vocals are earnest, and harsh at times, while the music has a dark cloud hanging over it. "Crazy Bullfight" is another dark offering. I love the bass work, and the guitarist shows some skill in the meter shifting, but the overly earnest nature of the vocals seems disingenuous and almost cheesy.

"Drawing Pineapple" has an acoustic opening section and again, it's the vocals that throw me off so far. It's not that Antonio is a bad singer, but his voice is always full of longing sounds that sometimes come off as whines. The band is not without skill, but they have to veer away from these consecutive days of grey skies. "Red and Gold" has a heavier edge, and some nice intermixing of acoustic passages with the more aggressive ones, but again, the vocals ruin it for me. This song does have more energy, however. "Fangs we Hate" has more rousing tones but leave the harsh vocals behind in my opinion. The band navigates some tight shifting here and there which is impressive.

"Killer Whales" closes the album. It has some strong and varied bass guitar work in the opening sequence, followed by a heavier and more aggressive passage. I get some RUSH vibes in this song, but they meander in the middle. Overall, and I mentioned this above, the band is not without talent, but they have to leave that overly lamenting sound behind, as well as the harsh vocals, in my opinion. The production was great...and they have the talent to go anywhere, they just need to focus on their drive, and their direction.

5 / 10









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"Metamorphosis" Track-listing:

1. From the Shards
2. Crazy Bullfight
3. Drawing Pineapple
4. Red and Gold
5. Fangs we Hate
6. Killer Whales

Rembrandt of Clocks Lineup:

Antonio Liga - Vocals, Bass
Max Fuchs - Guitar
Richard Corral - Drums

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