Died a Hero


One of the things that I really enjoy while writing reviews for is getting promo […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
October 8, 2007
Remain - Died a Hero album cover

One of the things that I really enjoy while writing reviews for is getting promo CDs from bands that haven't yet convinced a record label to offer them a contact deal. Additionally, I feel kind of honored to get the chance to say (write) my opinion about the band's debut work and maybe helping them in some degree in promoting themselves. So, I was more than eager to make the connection with Divirta that is responsible for the distribution of the debut REMAIN release entitled Died A Hero.
This album was originally released in the very cool (and metal) date, 06/06/06 and obviously REMAIN inked a distribution deal with Divirta some months later and this how Died A Hero reached the faithful metalheads of METAL TEMPLE.
The story of REMAIN started in 2004 in Barrie of Canada when the former members of DECADENCE and SOCIAL JUSTICE joined forces in search of something new. After two years of relentless rehearsing REMAIN managed to produce 8 tracks that were included in the Died A Hero album. After a short intro I found myself thinking: this sounds like old-fashioned Thrash!. Indeed The Ripper leaves no room to breath with a SLAYER-esque guitar intro riff and the deep almost death metal growl. Yes, REMAIN sounds brutal enough to get the Death Metal label beside the Thrash one. Although, the sound production is a little bit raw with a dry drum sound I really enjoyed it because it enhances the 80s atmosphere. In Shadows Of The Fallen the band go slower but heavier with excellent guitar work that lays down some catchy hooks and a very good solo. On the other hand, the vocals could use some retouch especially the distorted and monotonous ones that tend to lean towards the Hardcore territory. Ok, some will say that this is good but personally I prefer the Thrash oriented vocals with a twist of Death Metal. The use of melodic and catchy breaks like in riff driven Operation Overlord or the neck snapping The Entity reveal some influences from the Swedish Melodic Death scene that can be tracked all the way to DARK TRANQUILITY.
The bottom line is that this a promising band that showed us some pretty good potentials with the 8 tracks present in their debut album. Of course, they need to spend more time rehearsing and exploring themselves in order to get a more personal sound. Adding to that, they can think over the vocals and possibly choose the proper style for their music. At least REMAIN convinced the METAL TEMPLE to keep an eye and an ear open for their next step.

"Died a Hero" Track-listing:

The Ripper
Shadows Of The Fallen
Fifth Sun
Awakened By Disease
The Entity
Died A Hero
The End Of It All
Operation Overlord

Remain Lineup:

Joe Harwood - Vocals
Blake Murphy - Bass/Backing Vocals
Steve Samson - Guitar
Judd Bronson - Drums
Jason Perissinotto - Guitar

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