Relics of Humanity

Hailing from Belarus, RELICS OF HUMANITY is a brutal death metal that began releasing their […]
By Katharine Hassett
January 8, 2019
Relics of Humanity - Obscuration album cover

Hailing from Belarus, RELICS OF HUMANITY is a brutal death metal that began releasing their onslaught on the world in 2007, citing influences such as SUFFOCATION, IMMOLATION, and DECREPIT BIRTH. With two full lengths, three demos and various singles, the slamming force of nature returns with a vengeance, with an impressive lineup featuring  AJ Magana (ex-DEFEATED SANITY, DISGORGE) and a special guest appearance from Derek Boyer (SUFFOCATION, DECREPIT BIRTH). The killer six track EP also features a mastering by Joseph Cincotta (SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER) and artwork by Dan Seagrave (SUFFOCATION, DECREPIT BIRTH, MORBID ANGEL).

The seventeen minutes of destruction opens with a calm before the storm: feed back, fuzz and a slow build of dissonance. This leads into the true opening, "Ana Kihu Alamu," a blistering two minutes of slam, rife with blast beats, speedy grooves and pig squeals. "When Darkness Consumes God's Throne" opens with layered dissonant guitars that plow straight into more chaos, fleshing out some very throaty gutturals and a couple SUFFOCATION-esque breakdowns. The midpoint track ends with an ambiance of various samples and distant whisperings which leads into another brutal beatdown of a track, "Whipping the Cursed." This banger employs the usual straightforward formula with the addition of some mid tempo riffage and a vicious, slow building breakdown with a lot of breathing room about halfway through.

Without missing a beat,"Legion of the Unbowed" opens with more blasts with that familiar high pitched snare and fast grooves, with pauses in between of dissonance and brutality. The EP closes with much of same on "Stench of Burning Heavens." While this outing suffers a bit from production, particularly the guitars, it is a solid release that leaves one wondering what the ruthless quartet will do next. Overall, the album thrusts a violent and lasting corkscrew in the listeners ears, leaving one begging for more abuse.

8 / 10









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"Obscuration" Track-listing:

1. Retson Retap
2. Ani Kihu Alamu
3. When Darkness Consumes God's Throne
4. Whipping the Cursed
5. Legions of the Unbowed
6. Stench of Burning Heavens

Relics of Humanity Lineup:

AJ Magana - Vocals
Pavel Vilchitsky - Drums
Sergey Liak - Guitars
Derek Boyer - Bass

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