Faces Of Fate

Released Anger

It's obvious that there is a new wave of Thrash Metal bands around the world, […]
By Yiannis Doukas
June 14, 2008
Released Anger - Faces Of Fate album cover

It's obvious that there is a new wave of Thrash Metal bands around the world, a clear and straight answer to the whole rap-core bullshit that the major part of the global media used to call Thrash. Many bands, releasing fantastic albums, from DEKAPITATOR (ok, they are not so old) unleashing one of the best Thrash dynamites last year to MERCILESS DEATH latest release among others.
The same situation applies here in Greece where this music genre was a little bit hidden or disappeared. Of course, Greece had the luck to produce one of the most cult acts ever, FLAMES with a back catalogue more than impressing being like the Thrash banner of this country. Except them, I should name some other examples like EPIDEMIC or CREMATE and VOMIT, but they couldn't break the boundaries of their homeland.
I am feeling that something has been changed and right now there some very good bands that have knowledge of the genre and hard bones to play it. RELEASED ANGER is one of them, and I must confess they are probably the best choice if you want to check one band and only from here.

Formed in November of 2004 by some ex-members of CRUCIFIER (another very good Thrash band) with Ntinos, Dimitris and John comprising basic core. Their first release was a mini album named Violent Instincts during 2005 playing furious Thrash and surprising a lot of people. After some line-up changes and the addition of Kostas and Stelios in bass and drumming duties, respectively they recorded the debut album calling it Faces Of Fate in August 2006 with the mixing procedure refining it in the dawn of 2007. The album is, like the previous, a self financed release having for distribution Eat Metal Records for Europe and Kill Again for North and South America.
The music here is pure Thrash Metal like the old days. The self-titled track which is the first one and has a basic riffing straight from WHIPLASH and a mid tempo bridge that drives me insane. Mentally Disordered is so adrenaline explosive close to songs like Manic Depressive of DEVASTATION. Total madness, a killer song; the soloing is perfect fitting very well to the main structure, good written with a beer Thrashing attitude (imagine something like TANKARD). A drilling holocaust played with perfection winning easy your attention (uh, I wrote a poem verse). Then comes the third song where I leave my pieces in front of my speakers. Heroine's Death is what we call a perfect construct for song. It starts with a sad tune and a GLORIOUS solo and then comes the 'moshing paradise'. The mid tempo riff is a slaughtering machine taking no prisoners, the chorus will stuck in your fucking mind making you to throw dishes and knives to the walls. Believe me, you can destroy your house with that one. I had to feel this way from the day I listened the Lethal Tendencies from HALLOW'S EVE.
The album continues with same disposals, Murder kicks asses, Normal Person is a hymn, the cover on Power Thrashin' Mad of WHIPLASH is excellent. Shadows Of Insanity has a riff during chorus that is evil thrashing head-banging mania, Holocaust Of Pain reminds me of GRIP INC's Ostracized together with KREATOR making a song perfect for breaking your neck. As you can see we don't have to do with just a good album here, all songs can easily create total chaos.
Generally, the band is somewhere between the German scene, mainly 'cause of the Petrozza style of vocals and the Bay Area one, but they have kept their own identity. The production is good, lyrics dealing with social problems but the basic is very, I repeat, very nice music. Keep your ears open because something good has been born here. This is one of the best releases that I have heard from a Greek band recently.
Released Anger

8 / 10


"Faces Of Fate" Track-listing:

Faces Of Fate
Mentally Disordered
Heroine's Death
Normal Person
Power Thrashin' Death
Shadows Of Insanity
Holocaust Of Pain
Suicidal Moments

Released Anger Lineup:

Ntinos Zacharis - Vocals
Dimitris Harisis - Guitar, Backing Vocals
John Anagnostou - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kostas Pavlidis - Bass
Stelios Stavropoulos - Drums

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