A New World


Sweden has kept a bit of a secret from some symphonic music fans for a […]
By Stephanie Hensley
August 5, 2013
ReinXeed - A New World album cover

Sweden has kept a bit of a secret from some symphonic music fans for a while now. Considering REINXEED has released six albums in five years, it's hard to understand how that secret has been kept so well. After listening to their most recent accomplishment, "A New World", I can't see how REINXEED could possibly remain so unknown. This album is just too good.

Though the band formed in 2002, it wasn't until 2007 that they released a demo. The following year their debut album "The Light" was released. After the success of "The Light"REINXEED followed with a change in line up with "Higher" in 2009. Their third album, "Majestic" was released in 2010, receiving somewhat mixed reviews. In 2011 the band released the concept album "1912", a tale of the Titanic tragedy. This time critics gave a thumbs up to REINXEED for their telling of the tale from boarding of the ship to the aftermath of the fated collision with the iceberg in April of 1912. The next year, they would release "Welcome to the Theater", a nod both lyrically and musically to some of their favorite movies.

Staying true to form of releasing an album a year, summer of 2013 will see the release of a brand new REINXEED album, this one titled "A New World". Filled with ten tracks of symphonic power metal goodness, this is one of their best albums to date. Vocals by Tommy ReinXeed are strong and powerful, ascending higher and higher perfectly with the music. The guitars are strong, and intricate, with plenty of great solos interwoven with the tracks. As a whole, the music is amazing, and very tightly put together.

Each track is great, which made it difficult to pick favorites. A few (ok several) stood out a bit more than others, though again, I enjoyed all of "A New World". Opening track "Distant Horizon" is a great introduction to the album, showing just how much REINXEED has grown as a band. It hooks you in from this track. "The Journey Home" had some of my favorite vocals. Everything on this; the guitars, bass, drums, all epic and brought together made a fast favorite of mine. The intro caught me on "The Star", and again soaring vocals are given here along with seamless changes through the song making it flow perfectly. "Final Destination" and "Northern Allstars" were also among favorites, the latter of which is super catchy. Rounding out my picks, title track "A New World" is nothing short of epic. What a grand way to leave fans both old and new wanting more after the last note fades.

If you are a fan of symphonic metal, power metal, or even both, chances are you will love this album. Influences for REINXEED are ANGRA, STRATOVARIUS, SYMPHONY X, and HELLOWEEN, to name a few. All ten tracks will have you headbanging and singing along. If this is your introduction to REINXEED you are in for a treat. If you are a longtime fan, I can't imagine you would be disappointed in this new album. "A New World" is highly recommended, and hopefully REINXEED won't be such a secret any more.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"A New World" Track-listing:

1. Distant Horizon
2. Into the Darkness
3. The Journey Home
4. The Star
5. Final Destination
6. Northern Allstars
7. Chalice of Time
8. Curse and Damnation
9. Guitar Hero
10. A New World

ReinXeed Lineup:

Tommy ReinXeed - Vocals / Guitars
Alex Oriz - Guitar / Vocals
Chris David - Bass
Alfred Fridhagen - Drums

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