Resilient Heart


"Resilient Heart" is the new solo album from former ACCEPT lead singer, David Reece.  This […]
November 26, 2018
Reece - Resilient Heart album cover

"Resilient Heart" is the new solo album from former ACCEPT lead singer, David Reece.  This is the follow- up to 2013's "Compromise".  David Reece has been around for quite a while, staking an extensive claim in his metallic resume.  Unfortunately, he will perhaps always be remembered as singing for ACCEPT on their "Eat the Heat" album, a release that caused a rift in fans.  Since 2009, he has surrounded himself with more than capable musicians to aid him in his solo career, using his ACCEPT tenure to his advantage.  By the way, he is American.

The first track, "Any Time at All," bids the listener devote attention to the sacred groove established.  The main riff has the bombast of DEVIN TOWNSEND's straight-forward moments and overall, the song showcases a vocalist with an extensive range accompanied by a futurist leaning band.  There are elements from the heyday of singers in Metal as well as a personal touch from a well-versed, versatile front man.

"Karma," the third track is a spectacle of ingenuity and surprise.  Led by a flange-soaked guitar riff, the song then revels in a massive groove.  It would not be a stretch to say that the slow groove radiates a bit of Southern Metal with its gargantuan bass sound and performance.  This song serves as a suitable blueprint for the melding of modern and classic Metal that runs through the album.

There are two stunning ballads contained within.  First, "I Don't Know Why," the fifth track, is a well-written and arranged offering.  Aided by massive hooks and infectious melody, the feeling gained could be compared to that from classic DOKKEN, though still looking to the future.  There is very little looking backwards on this record.  The other ballad is the eighth track, "Forest Through the Trees," a gorgeously written ballad performed with the sincerity to tug on one's heart strings.  One can hear the influence of QUEEN, LED ZEPPELIN, and others taken and molded into the band's purpose.

The heaviest track on the album is undoubtedly the ninth track, "Perfect Apocalypse".  At first, it sounds like the most basic Metal track with an Iommi-sounding riff.  When the chorus arrives, though, a busy, palm-muted riff mixes thing up as it truly personalizes the track.

While this is most certainly a solo album, the power of the band playing the music cannot be discounted or overlooked.  First, the bass performance is nothing short of stellar, catapulted by a tone that is both clean and powerful, unafraid to experiment with effects, and never buried in the mix.  Without having to battle for the listener's ears, the guitar and bass shine all the more splendidly.  The six string duties are handled with metallic fury, precision, and an open-minded penchant for the type of melodies that one finds swimming around the mind during late night drives.  Like Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford, David Reece has employed the cream of the crop to convey his musical vision in his solo endeavor.

Ultimately, this is the sound of the logical progression of Metal through the years.  Indeed, it seems to have a sampling of all great nuances that have worked over time.  Any lover of pure, true Metal and even Hard Rock would have their collection aided with the addition of this record.  This is the music that should be on the radio!

8 / 10









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"Resilient Heart" Track-listing:

1. Any Time at All
2. Wicked City Blues
3. Karma
4. Desire
5. I Don't Know Why
6. Two Coins
7. Ain't Got the Balls
8. Forest Through the Trees
9. Perfect Apocalpyse
10. Live Before You Die
11. I'm the One

Reece Lineup:

David Reece - Vocals
Sigurd Jóhnk-Jensen - Drums
Andrea Vergori - Keyboard, Rhythm Guitar
Malte Frederik Burkert - Bass
Marco Angioni - Guitar
Martin J. Andersen - Guitar

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