Press Hard

Reds' Cool

Whenever I pick up a Hard Rock band for reviewing, there is always the expectation […]
By Camila Guimarães de Almeida
October 25, 2015
Reds' Cool - Press Hard album cover

Whenever I pick up a Hard Rock band for reviewing, there is always the expectation of what may be to come, and it is also customary to research a bit about the band by social media and the internet, so I can judge more fairly, as it were the work I was sent to describe it. So, it shouldn't be secret to that fact moves me to write about music beyond the great passion for heavy metal, it is also linked to my second passion, in learning about Hard Rock.

I remember as a child when I took in hand a SKID ROW cd and played, since the findings were numerous, bands I loved and also I did not like so much. In Brazil it is very common for American bands to get into the heads of young people and therefore fall into the popular stream, and this attitude often doesn't pay off; we may lose the chance to meet amazing, smaller bands, such as RED'S COOL.

As a first timer, I confess I was apprehensive about what might emerge, after all, the proposal was challenging a Russian band singing hard rock, a "cold country" singing on "hot topics", and a place not known for producing such music. After all the doubts start to listen to the disc that already starts with very favorable vibration for a debut record, and they also happen to sing in perfect English, in my opinion, of course!

With "Brand New Start" you can feel the harmony of the band and really enjoy the music, it also highlights the precision of the musicians in the execution of each chord and always bantering around the timings and harmony between guitar riffs. Featured deserved also for "lifetime achievement" brilliance in "Love Behind", "The Way I Am" and "No More".

I quite liked the album altogether, but felt a little lack in a song that broke this atmosphere of excitement the band had developed, the typical and famous "ballad song" that every hard rock band always ends charting among its successes.

But overall, it's a band that really promises to make good music.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Press Hard" Track-listing:

1. Dangerous One
2. My Way
3. The Way I am
4. Brand New Start
5. Strangers Eyes
6. Call me
7. One Night
8. Love Behind
9. No More

Reds' Cool Lineup:

Slava Spark - Vocals
Sergey Fedotov - Guitar
Iiya Smimov - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dmitry Pronin - Bass, Backing Vocals
Andrey Kruglov - Drums

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